Dear Registered Graduation Guests,

Here are a few notes about this Friday’s graduation ceremony:

  • With so many family members attending a graduation event on a non-visitation day, we tend to stress out the Estes Unit staff a bit … please bring your most patient, positive selves to check-in on Friday at 12:30p.  The folks there at check-in are just trying to do their job.
  • Dress code matters, so if you don’t want to be sent out on a last-minute shopping spree, dress in a way that covers your body …
    • Men: no shorts or muscle shirts (hopefully not an issue in January, but still …)
    • Ladies: the Estes Unit is an all-male prison, and since men are enticed by pretty ladies, please do NOT wear tight-fitting or otherwise revealing clothing – this is for your loved one’s sake!


Here is the official answer:

The dress code for the event is business professional. Men can wear either a full suit or a sports coat and slacks (tie is optional), and women should dress conservatively in nice pants, a blouse that covers what it needs to, and a blazer/jacket. Long skirts or dresses that are at least mid-calf are permitted. No sleeveless tops or anything sheer is allowed. Any form of clothing where knees are showing when seated is prohibited.

Here is reality:

We do NOT expect anyone to run out and buy a new outfit for this event!  Please wear the nicest outfit you can that covers what it needs to cover for this full cap & gown ceremony. Call with questions.

We look forward to seeing all registered graduation guests THIS FRIDAY at the Estes Unit!  If you have any questions about graduation – including dress code, directions from major Texas cities, or a list of what you can/cannot bring – please check our family site here: … but if you cannot find what you are looking for, please let us know so we can clear up any confusion as quickly as possible. 

Safe travels, and we’ll see you at 12:30p this Friday!