We believe that without accountability, neither our participants nor the executives with whom we work will be changed by the program. We will do everything in our power to help the participants succeed in life, but we provide only opportunities and tools; participants must want to change. Consequently, PEP only commits time and resources to those who demonstrate a desire to help themselves. PEP enforces a “no wiggle room” accountability program with participants.

PEP volunteers and employees will likewise be held to a high standard of accountability, being required to take ownership of their initiatives and follow through with their commitments.

We have a list of our 10 Driving Values upon which we in PEP live. All 10 of them mean a lot to our organization’s culture. One of 10 Driving Values that stands out to me is Accountability. For a long time during my incarceration, I would have to hold accountability with my “homeboys.” But now that I have stepped away from that life and begun to live out this brotherhood life in PEP, there is even more accountability taking place. It’s a tough process to get adjusted to, due to a mentality we come to prison with when another man in white holds us accountable. The reality is, he is really doing it for the good so we can better ourselves in the process. (Jeremiah D)

This is one of the hardest of the 10 Driving Values, but it is also my favorite one. While being incarcerated, I never knew what real accountability was. I have come to realize that it is vital for everyone to start living a healthy and wise life. I for one have used this Driving Value not just on others, but myself as well. It has helped me become the leader that people need me to be. I am grateful to get to fully understand this Driving Value and see all it has done for me, which makes it my favorite. (Jamal S)

The Driving Value that speaks to my heart and soul the most is accountability. Since I have been locked up, I have truly experienced what the meaning of accountability is. Today, I hold myself accountable, and as a result of me being accountable for myself, God has gifted me with the love of one of my mother’s children. When people learn that I am committed to holding myself and others to higher standards, it builds trust and commitment from others. Accountability is the glue that holds this program together. (Miguel R)

The Driving Value that stands out to me the most is accountability. I believe that the whole world needs accountability. If everyone would agree to hold each other to a high standard, and hold themselves accountable, there would be way less crime and a lot fewer people coming to prison each year. Everyone could use an accountability partner to help keep them from making bad decisions. Living a value-driven life is a life well lived. (Bradley L)


We are dedicated to pursuing excellence in every area, despite the difficulties which arise from setting high standards. We seek to work with and learn from the best of the best. We are dedicated to developing excellence in leadership throughout our organization—leadership of projects, ideas and the promotion of our 10 Driving Values. PEP is committed to working with people and organizations who share our values and mission.

There was a time in my life when I believed excellence was unachievable; watching others excel in all they did made me feel inferior. I let this outlook on myself bring me down. When you see yourself as a failure, you will be a failure. When you see success, then you will have success. I want everyone to know, especially you Thara: excellence is ready for you to take a hold of, so guide it in the direction you want it to take you. No difficulty can arise that you cannot overcome. I am living proof. It’s up to you to envision you own future. (Gerald D)

My favorite of the 10 Driving Values is Excellence. That is because I strive to better myself in all that I do. Excellence is not perfection, but it is direction. Every human is on a journey, and on this journey we can choose to wallow in self-pity and defeat, or we can also choose to make our existence better. Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you would like to see in the world.” I have always been a firm believer in this thought. I also believe that if you are unhappy with your existence, change it. Excellence embodies this to the fullest. In all that we do, we should strive toward making the world a better place – not only for ourselves and those around us, but for the ones who will come after us, and in honor of those who came before us. This world is a gift from our forbearers, and we will leave this as a gift to our successors. Excellence is an obtainable goal – perfection is not. Excellence is being the best you can possibly be. (Alexander D)

The very essence of the definition of excellence explains my passion and drive. Pursuing excellence in every area of my life means complete balance with nothing lacking. I do not believe excellence means perfection, but it does mean setting higher standards and goals that are achievable through hard work. I believe excellence is a dedication that comes from the heart, not the head. If I were asked which one of the 10 Driving Values is considered the foundation for the other nine, it would be excellence. (Robbie L)

Excellence stands out to me the most because it requires dedication and hard work. To excel means to overcome with passion. You don’t have to be the best to have excellence in your life, but you do have to give it your all and try your hardest at something to be considered excellent. In everything, always try to work with and learn from the best of the best. Once you have excellence in your life, it is your responsibility to make sure the next generation is guided to become excellent also. (Mark P)

Excellence is where it’s at! If you think you have all the other Driving Values down but aren’t striving for excellence in said values, you’re probably coming up short. Excellence seeps out of my pores, so you know I’m firing the 10 Driving Values on all cylinders. Excellence is the base that everything launches off of. If you don’t have it, you’re really just wasting your time. (Matthew P)

I think that Excellence is one of the best Driving Values that we have learned about. (But without the value of Integrity, the rest are irrelevant.) I think that excellence however is the value that sticks out to me the most because when lived right, it ensures that you only work with and learn from the best of the best. It also makes sure that you pick the people that you hang around with, which in turn allows you to weed out the negative folks. In order to do that, one must not only change their thought process, but also their belief system and outlook, which in turn allows us to be the men that God created us to be. (Adan M)


We place an emphasis on execution—the ability to get things done. We expect to deliver outstanding and timely results. Big thoughts don’t matter if they are not turned into action. Self-discipline is a core element of our organization’s culture. We sweat the small stuff. We hire people with a strong track record of successful execution.

This Driving Value stands out to me most in a variety of ways. The ways Execution is most important to me include sticking to what you say, believe and think; being in charge of your destiny (being a man is part of execution as well because it defines your path); and knowing how to execute and be great at it. Not too many people know how to get things done in such a fashion: “Big thoughts don’t matter if they are not turned into action.” (Michael W)

One of the most important Driving Values that stands to me the most is execution because I like the feeling of accomplishment every time I get things done. However, to reach this level of character development in life, we must carry out our plans with everything we have, without hesitation, in order to have things go like clockwork and execute in all we do so we can succeed in life. (Alejandro C)

To be honest, more than one Driving Value stands out to me, but since I can only choose one, it will be Execution. The reason for this choice is because before my incarceration in prison, with anything and everything that got remotely hard, I would give up. It didn’t matter what it was, I would quit. Now, I take these hard situations and take them to conquer them. I do what I need to do to get things done. I have to succeed in life for two reasons: one is that I want to be an entrepreneur in the trucking industry so I have to be ready to handle tough situations; and the other is because I want my mom to know she succeeded at her “job” in raising me. (Wallace L)

There are no short cuts to any place worth going in life. As I strive to execute, I write down what needs to be accomplished. I then prioritize my tasks, one by one, by identifying each task or goal as either short term or long term. Next, I allocate the time I need to focus on that task and goal. Last, I mark off each one as I accomplish each task or goal. My emphasis is building my character, no matter the hardships, which has also helped to build my relationships with others. I execute my outstanding behavior and deliver a strong dedication. My loyalty is found in execution, and my trust is gained for others through execution. Execution shows action, which speaks louder than words. Self-discipline creates self-esteem, and that brings execution to our values and morals throughout our life. Begin, be bold and venture to be wise in daily execution. (Christopher S)

The Driving Value that stands out to me the most is Execution. I say this because since I’ve came to PEP, I have given my all to this program. By doing this, I have witnessed firsthand what hard work and dedication accomplishes. I have overcome obstacles that I never dreamed would be possible. Through execution I have a test score average above 99. I’m 3rd in the class of over 70 people and as a result, I get to help my fellow PEP participants learn by motivating them. Part of Execution’s definition is BIG THOUGHTS DON’T MATTER IF THEY ARE NOT TURNED INTO ACTION. So I end by saying that execution is what makes thoughts a reality. (Brian H)

Execution is the Driving Value that stands out the most because you have to execute all 10 Driving Values on a daily basis. Self-discipline is the main key to success, and I am one of the people that gets things done. I’m always executing something, since I wake up without watching TV. I wanted to break the circle of coming back to prison, so I’m dedicated to my education. It all starts with focusing on me, but by being a Servant-Leader I have the opportunity to show love and fun to our brothers who are trying to execute their goals and task as well. (Ricardo C)

I feel that every one of the 10 Driving Values is important, but I think Execution is one that sticks out to me because we all must have the ability to get things done. What good are our thoughts of having a good job, buying a house and having a nice car if we never execute thoughts into actions? “Big thoughts don’t matter if they are not turned into action.” We must execute in everything we do. When you do something, no matter what it is and regardless of if you are getting paid or not, do everything to the best of your ability. We must execute all 10 Driving Values, and everything we do we must do it in love, because God told us to love one another. (Jose O)

Without Execution, you would get nothing done. You can sit here and dream big all you want, but if you don’t execute and make it a reality, then you’re just living in a fantasy world. Once you make execution an everyday thing in life, then you become a proactive person. You are no longer going through life as a reactive person, and your life will transform. One who executes his goals will outdo the one who doesn’t – in other words, someone who takes the initiative in turning thoughts, goals and plans into reality by executing will outperform the next person in life. (Damian P)

Fresh Start Outlook

PEP believes that every inmate is a human being in need of a true second chance (which for many may actually be a legitimate first chance). We will treat every inmate with respect, regardless of background or personal history. We strive to equip human beings to achieve their full potential. We believe that people can change, dignity can be restored and, as a result, society will reap bountifully.

The Driving Value that stands out to me is “Fresh Start” Outlook. There were many chances in life I took for granted. This program is giving me another chance to change for the better – not just for myself, but for my loved ones as well. Few chances are given with sincerity. I’m blessed to be given another chance to change my ways. It’s uplifting to know that I’m headed toward success. The great philosopher Laozi said, “The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” So goes my journey toward where I need to be to succeed in life. (Navy A)

The Driving Value that means the most to me would have to be “Fresh Start” Outlook, for a couple of reasons. PEP has done a lot for me when it comes to how I perceive myself, and how my family perceives me. PEP taught me the tools I needed to unlock the door of hope – hope of a new and full life to come, the hope of true freedom. So when it comes to my favorite Driving Value, I’d have to choose “Fresh Start” Outlook, because now I can look at the world, and life, as God intended me to. (Kaleb E)

“Fresh Start” Outlook is the Driving Value that stands out to me the most because I really believe I need to change my life. I need to live life the right way this time for myself and my family. PEP is giving me some tools I need that will help me succeed, and I thank God I am part of this program. I pray that God helps me change so that my family will be proud of me and I can be a positive example to my children. (Jesus A)

Fresh-Start Outlook is most vital Driving Value to me because overcoming my past was the biggest obstacle in changing as a man for the good of everyone in my life, including myself. I constantly discounted myself because of all the wrongs I have done to others. I never gave myself any value, and I felt as if I did not have a purpose or any significance at all. PEP’s Fresh-Start Outlook not only gave me hope, but it offered me a tool and a plan to drive my negative past out of my life by turning it into something positive, sharing and using it to help my brother. And most importantly, I’ve learned to forgive myself to see beyond the past and begin my fresh start. (Robert C)

“Fresh Start” Outlook would have to be my choice of favorite Driving Value, due to all the PEP brothers whose pasts were filled with evil, lies, crime and destruction, and who now have been blessed with the opportunity to set foot in PEP and humble themselves. We are now able to make changes due to a program that will allow us a “Fresh Start” Outlook in life with the skills and knowledge we have gained. Life’s not easy, and we reap what we sow. (Jonathan G)

My favorite PEP 10 Driving Value would have to be Fresh-Start Outlook. Most people return to prison because when they get out there, they are stuck in their old ways. They think the choices they have made in the past define their future. That is not true at all! That is just what they make themselves believe. Everyone has the opportunity of starting over and having a fresh start; it just takes sacrificing your old ways. I plan to have a fresh start when I get out by going to a PEP transitional house in a city where I don’t know anybody. (Austin G)

“Fresh Start” Outlook stands out the most to me because I was in search for a much-needed second chance, or how to redeem myself, for many years. Through PEP, I have been given the opportunity not only to say I have changed, but to prove to my family I am not that boy I once was. I get to be a role model to my wife and three beautiful kids, who inspire me every day to keep embracing this fresh start – not only for myself, but also for my family. (Alejandro E)

The Driving Value that sticks out to me the most is “Fresh Start” Outlook, especially the part that says, “We strive to equip human beings to achieve their full potential.” This resonates with me because PEP gave me tools and materials to improve myself through Quest for Authentic Manhood; these tools will help me be a better man and better father to my children. “Fresh Start” Outlook gives you knowledge about running a business and how to be open-minded with people. That is important to me, since I want people to be open-minded with me and give me a chance to make a fresh start for me and my family. (Kietario B)

Having a “Fresh Start” Outlook gave me a different perspective on my life. I was doing a lot of bad things that I thought I would never do. I felt that I couldn’t forgive myself, because I have not been there for my children when they needed me the most, until I gave my life to Christ – that is when I saw that I had a second chance in life. I saw myself changing in so many ways that I forgave myself from the past and pressed forward. Being in PEP, I realized that all of us need a “Fresh Start” Outlook on ourselves. Everyone can change if you are willing to do the work. I see myself changing, becoming better for the good for my family and for myself. I am blessed to be in this program, and PEP has given me the tools to take back out to the world and strive to do better for my family and me. (Santos F)

The Driving Value that stands out to me is “Fresh Start” Outlook because to get rid of the old you and equip yourself with something new, you have to actively pursue positive change. We here at PEP believe that every inmate is a human being in need of a true second chance, which may actually be a legitimate first chance. We will treat every inmate with respect regardless of background or personal history. We strive to equip human beings to achieve their full potential. We believe that people can change, dignity can be restored and as a result, society will reap bountifully. (Joe C)

“Fresh Start” Outlook would have to be the Driving Value that stands out the most to me because I want to give myself a true second chance. I strive every day to equip myself and others with the tools that are necessary to grow and evolve into the best we can potentially become. If I continue to grow, then I will be able to continue to see my full potential. (Ike H)

“Fresh Start” Outlook stands out to me the most because without a real fresh start, it’s all for nothing. I believe people can change and genuinely want to do great things. It takes society giving us a second chance, so that’s my hope. I pray every day for the doors to be open and the second chance to be given to me and all my PEP brothers. We are all working so hard to get our character right, and we just need a chance to show others what we can do. Thanks and God bless. (Nathan W)

The reason why this Driving Value stands out to me is because I am in need of a fresh start. I have figured out that this is not what I want to do the rest of my life. So with that being said, PEP has given me what I have looking for, which happens to be a fresh start. They have given me opportunities and tools to succeed in life, as well as a chance to relocate myself so I can have a fresh start upon release. (Clayton H)

The Driving Value that stands out the most to me is “Fresh Start” Outlook. The reason why I choose this Driving Value is because I am also a firm believer that we all make mistakes and deserve a second chance. “Fresh Start” Outlook also signifies a new life and a new way of thinking which is very important in order to become a better son, father, brother, husband and friend. (James R)

“Fresh Start” Outlook really is a package deal that comes with a variety of tools you can use to build your full potential of being a better human being, regardless of your personal history. If you truly want change in your life, you have to dispose of your old negative and broken tools and replace them with the Godly tools that have been in your storage of dignity from the beginning. These tools of life have always been in your storage – you just never knew the long-term benefits of using them. “Fresh Start” Outlook, Servant-Leader Mentality, Love, Innovation, Accountability, Integrity, Execution, Fun, Excellence, Wise Stewardship … but it all starts with wanting to change without making excuses. (Keitron W)

I have been applying “Fresh Start” Outlook to my life daily in everything that comes my way. My life was in dire need of a fresh start, and PEP provided that for me, and for that I am grateful. I believe that God allowed me to come to this program so He could get me ready for the life that I need to live in order to serve Him. God gives me a fresh start every day and a new chance to get things right, and this is an opportunity that I will not waste. (Stephen P)

Out of all the Driving Values that defines PEP, “Fresh Start” Outlook means the most to me. When I was younger, I dreamed BIG. I knew I could do anything if I worked hard enough at it. As I grew older, my addictions and my failures robbed me of the ability to dream. When I would dream and plan to do something, a voice in my head would say, “You can’t do that because of your past failures.” Now, “Fresh Start” Outlook tells me that I can dream big again, and when I stop living in the past, I can pursue my dreams. (Michael J)


Work is an important part of life and it should be fun and rewarding. We seek to create a work environment that encourages laughter, imagination, fellowship and creativity. We regularly celebrate positive results and recognize those involved in the success.

The Fun value really stands out to me because that’s the very way I love to live my life. Without having fun, your life could be very miserable and boring. Every day, I wake up early in the morning and consider how I will have fun that morning. Most of the time, I’ll go to recreation to lift weights and play some basketball, which helps motivate and stimulate me to be very productive every day. (Jermaine E)

The Driving Value that stands out most to me is Fun. I always try to have fun and keep a positive attitude in everything that I do. I hate that everything in this prison environment has to be so serious. I must say that since being in PEP, I have had the most fun I’ve had in years. I used to think fun meant getting high, but since being in this program, I realize that sober fun with those who care about me is more meaningful than any high fun I’ve ever had. I love to have fun, joke around and watch funny movies. I’ve found that laughter is the best medicine of all. (Brian N)


We embrace a pioneering spirit and are constantly in the pursuit of innovation and improvement in our efforts to help others. We expect dramatic change. We are committed to seeing beyond the current perception, and even the current reality, to break stereotypes and shape new futures.

My favorite Driving Value has to be Innovation. The reason why is because I’ve always considered myself an innovator. I intend to pursue improvements to mobile detailing and will focus on delivering exceptional quality service by not only being the owner and founder, but the sole operator of Super Shine Mobile Detailing. Not only do we embrace a pioneering spirit, but we are constantly in the pursuit of innovation and improvements in our efforts to help others. We are committed to seeing beyond the current perception, and even the current reality, to break stereotypes and shape new futures. (Benny D)

The Driving Value that stands out to me the most is Innovation because it causes us to expand our thoughts. It allows us to use our imagination and become creative. Innovation has shaped the world around us and continues to propel us to new heights. Thoughts become things – the things we are able to hold in our hand today were, at one time, just a thought. I love spending time in my mind in a constructive manner. I look forward to helping others gain confidence in themselves so that they can produce products that come from deep thought and innovation. Imagine where we would be without innovation. (Pete R)

The meaning of innovation to me is always finding a way to make something better. I like being innovative when it comes to fixing things. If I only have a handful of tools to fix something, then I like to be innovative and use what I’ve got. I also think that innovation makes the world a better place. The world is constantly changing, and that’s because of innovation. (Antony K)

Innovation is my temple I meditate in day and night, introducing my new methods of life, creating my new reality: my imagination, a hope of change. From the ashes of old comes the birth of new, including having new ideas and a new mind. I made it through this matrix that the system has created for us. Through Innovation, I have shown others there is a way and a light, and I always encourage others to take the narrow road. (Javier M)

Innovation is one of the 10 Driving Values that stands out the most to me. I thought this meant to invent or create something new. Understanding that it’s not only creating something, but also creating a new way of viewing or thinking about things makes me appreciate the term more. I believe that taking sullen or negative situations in life and focusing on the light is what allows our minds to change our perspective about every situation. (LaShawn M)


We model and require complete honesty and integrity in all our relationships and endeavors. Integrity means more than simply the absence of deception; it means we are completely forthright in all our dealings. We say what needs to be said, not simply what people want to hear. We are truthful with ourselves, listening attentively to feedback from others as they speak into our lives, correct us and reveal to us our blind spots.

If a man doesn’t have integrity, then all is for naught. For example, if as a leader my team doubts my integrity, they will not follow me, believe in me or give me (or the team) their best efforts. If as a leader I can’t trust someone to carry his load, I doubt his ability to take care of his responsibilities. If you don’t have integrity, I can’t trust your accountability because it is flawed. If I doubt your “fresh-start” outlook and wise stewardship, I can’t trust you as a servant-leader because your foundation is faulty and your word is no good. Integrity is a building block that supports every aspect of life so if your integrity is flawed, then your heart and vision are flawed. My integrity is a service and witness to God. “The integrity of the upright guide them, but the perversity of the unfaithful will destroy them.” Prov. 11:3 (Jonathan L)

The Driving Value that stands out the most to me is Integrity. This Driving Value defines who you really are – it is the reflection of one’s true self. All individuals having such a character quality are sincere and genuine. Therefore, Integrity is not just simply the number one Driving Value to me, but true Integrity is a way of life. (Phillip B)

My favorite Driving Value is Integrity because I strongly believe that integrity is an important part of a person’s character. That’s why PEP includes Integrity as one of its 10 Driving Values. Integrity is something I have grown accustomed to, as it defines the loyalty between my brothers and me. It is saying and doing the right thing, not to hurt a person’s feelings, but to let them know how you feel about a matter. By not telling others just what they want to hear, but instead what they need to know, this keeps them from being hindered in life. Not everyone has the integrity to let a person know the truth out of fear of hurting the person’s feelings. Too many people have been doing this to people though, and that is why I love the Driving Value of Integrity – I never say what one would like to hear, but what one needs to hear. (Kenneth S)

The Driving Value that stands out to me the most is Integrity. We say what needs to be said, not simply what people want to hear. If you are always up front and never hold anything back, it keeps prevent a lot of misunderstanding. I feel like everyone should live life based on Integrity. It’s also good to live with Integrity because it encourages an honest atmosphere. If you are positive and honest when no one is around, then you’re on your way toward a positive change in your life that will cause people to respect you more and trust what you say and do. So keep Integrity in your life; it is not hard to keep it real. (Anthony E)

I believe that every single act (or way of life) is important. The way that we react to any situation requires a desire that is sparked from the heart. Doing the right thing in every situation, no matter who is privy or watching, is the right thing. It inspires a drive in life that will shine brighter than the dull glow from my darkened past. I look forward to each and every day with joy on the inside now that I have integrity. (David M)

It is pretty simple for me to pick which Driving Value sticks out to me the most. Hands down, I would have to say integrity. I say this because I have veered off the paths that I set for myself in the past. I found myself making excuses and lying to myself. So now when I begin to do things that may seem to be questionable, I pause and reflect on the cause and effect. I have to assess my situation and give myself an integrity check about what I’m doing and move forward accordingly. (Tony H)

The very first time I saw the PEP 10 Driving Values, the one that stood out was integrity. From that moment on, I put it in my mind to be a man of integrity, passion and commitment. With this value, you can be successful in all the other Driving Values: the quality of being complete, whole and sound; the quality of living out sound moral principles, uprightness, honesty and sincerity. I live to be truthful to myself and others. It is very important to me to be completely forthright in all my dealings. My life will focus on being an ethical man with fundamental beliefs, practical reasoning to include right, duty, obligation, virtue, freedom, rationality and choice. (Richard F)

The Driving Value that stands out the most is Integrity. This has a lot to do with the part of the definition that states: “We say what needs to be said, not simply what people want to hear.” I used to have a problem with not saying what needed to be said, and this program has shown me how I need to work on that and continue to improve. I will have Integrity not just when others are around, but when no one is looking or listening – that’s my goal. (Brent B)

I thought that I have always had integrity. I mean, I was a pretty straight forward man. My no was no and my yes was yes. I would stand by my word and, to me, that meant that I had integrity. But I was wrong. I learned that integrity meant more than I realized. Integrity is saying what needs to be said, not just saying what someone wants to hear. I am not a person who likes conflict – you could say that I avoid conflict at all costs. So I naturally kept my tongue when I should have spoken up. I now say what needs to be said, but I could use some work in the area of tact. I pray each day that God gives me all that I am lacking. (Mark K)

My favorite of the 10 Driving Values that I try to live my life by is Integrity. I know that if I can maintain integrity in all categories of my life, the potential is truly limitless. I have made a choice to not only do this for myself, but to also teach others to do it as well. I look forward to the rest of my life and the potential it represents. I thank PEP for everything it have given me. (Cipriano N)


We are committed to service in love. PEP staff and leaders will be patient and kind, never envious or boastful or rude. We will not seek our own way nor be easily provoked; rather, we will bear all things and endure all things. We will rejoice in the truth and always seek out the best in others.

The one Driving Value that stands out to me the most is Love. As a kid, I was raised and taught how to love. In the little town that I was raised in, everybody loved one another and helped each other all the time – the simplest things, like giving you a ride somewhere, or attending the kids’ summer baseball game. This community always looked out for one another. So that is why I try to show love to everyone that I can, even people I do not know. I have my own kids now, and I teach them and show how much love means, and how it is a very important part of life. I hope they always remember that family will always love them no matter what. We all need to be loved. (Edward P)

The Driving Value that stands out the most to me will always be Love. I believe that everything we do in life is out of Love. I always thought I knew what love was till I came to PEP. PEP has shown me the true meaning behind Love. Most importantly, I have learned to Love myself and how to Love others. I never even knew that growing up as a child, but to be honest, I feel like I’ve grown up more these past few months than I ever did in my whole 30 years of life. (Armando B)

I believe that Love is the most important of the 10 Driving Values. The definition of Love says, “We are committed to service in love. PEP staff and leaders will be patient and kind, never envious or boastful or rude. We will not seek our own way nor be easily provoked; rather, we will bear all things. We will rejoice in the truth and always seek out the best in others.” So as long as we are showing love to one another and toward the actions we take, everything else will fall into place. Jesus spoke about the greatest commandments being to love the Lord thy God and to love one another. If we do everything in love and with love, things will most likely be as they should be, and all the other Driving Values and virtues will be intact. (Jordan L)

Initially, I didn’t really understand or take seriously the 10 Driving Values of our program. At this point, I can fully appreciate what this concept does for people. Our core values not only build character but also build camaraderie with my brothers and me, because we get a chance to sharpen each other. I’ve seen the power of love work through many people in my lifetime. An abundance of love is, in my opinion, necessary for our well-being in life, while the lack of love is detrimental. That’s why love is my favorite. (Johnny J)

Love is the most valuable Driving Value because I see men that come from different backgrounds come together, help each other out and show that there is love in them. Love is wonderful because you can find it everywhere you go. Where I see it the most is in here in PEP, knowing that we can come together and work with each other no matter what comes our way. We do not see color or ugliness. Most of us never felt love in our lives. But now when I talk to my PEP brothers, they say that they do feel the love and know what it is, and now they know that people do care and love them. So we as brothers show love to each other because we are a family, and families love one another. That is why I believe love stands out as the most important Driving Value. (Daniel M)

The Driving Value that stands out to me the most would have to be Love. Without love, we are all lost, full of hate, rude, hurtful – but most of all, apathetic toward each other. With the value of Love, we all know how to treat each other with respect. We are all willing to give to others who are without, but most of all we can all grow with each other. With us all being from different backgrounds, different religions, different ethics and different races, with love we can all become united as brothers and help each other become better men by picking each other up when we fall and helping each other when we falter in our ways. (Marquez H)

The Driving Value that stands out the most to me is Love. For many years, I could not love. I had built walls around my heart that didn’t allow me to love anyone other than my children and my immediate family. I am thankful to GOD that HE allowed me to desire this change. I am able to love others, love myself, serve and care with love. It is the love of CHRIST that now is in my heart. (Eddy L)

The Driving Value that stands out to me the most would have to be Love because love in so many different ways represents all of the other 10 Driving Values. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the word love is defined as “strong affection” and “unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for others”; it is also defined as “to feel a passion, devotion or tenderness for.” There is more – not many people know that the word love is an action word. When we look at the Driving Value of Execution, we can see that in order to execute a task, one must not be selfish (toward self or whomever they are doing the task for). Love is very important and is something I feel is necessary for having fun, being a wise steward and ultimately for excellence. Love is needed for anyone to execute any of the 10 Driving Values. Thank you for giving me what you cannot get back; your time is valuable to me. God bless. (Cedric J)

My favorite Driving Value is Love because while incarcerated, you’re not supposed to show Love. It can be seen as a sign of weakness, but with PEP it’s the exact opposite. PEP embraces love with everything we do, whether it’s tough love to show the participant his flaws or brotherly love. Many PEP participants come from no family, so the brotherhood that PEP offers participants is something we latch onto, so that we feel like we are part of one big family. That level of support makes men successful in everything they do, and that keeps PEP going from one class to another because the love they have makes them want to give back and help fellow PEP brothers. That’s why I believe Love is my favorite Driving Value. (Joseph C)

The Driving Value that stands out the most to me is Love. This Driving Value really hits home with me on many different levels. First and foremost, I feel that if we all showed more love, the world would be a much better place. But really I’ve learned that in order to truly be balanced with any of the 10 Driving Values, you must have an unbiased, unconditional love and care for others. (Curtis P)

I choose Love, since the first commandment is love. I think if you do everything through love that you will accomplish everything you set out to do, and even if you fail you will have done so with the right intentions. Your heart will be open so that God can work within you and show you the right way. If you do everything with love, you can never go wrong. (Cade S)

Love conquers all, and it definitely stands out the most in comparison to the other Driving Values. John 15:12 states, “This is my commandment: Love each other in the same way I have loved you.” As well, 1 Corinthians 13:13 says, “If I gave everything I have to the poor and even sacrificed my body, I could boast about it; but if I didn’t love others, I would have gained nothing.” Doing things without love lacks significance and meaning. I ask myself in every circumstance/decision, “What does love require of me?” Focus on loving others and everything else will fall into place. (Johnathan M)


Servant-Leader Mentality

PEP believes that with leadership comes the overriding responsibility to be of service to others. We believe the contributions we make in the lives of others are far more important than our own accomplishments. We will lead by example with humility at the sacrifice of personal glory. PEP exists because of our desire to serve all those with whom we come in contact, especially our participants, executives, partners, donors, prison staff and the community at large.

Servant-Leader Mentality means that when we are leaders, people will always look at our walk; when they do, eight times out of ten they will follow in our steps. So if you lead your group to the dark side of the force, you will have most of the blame. Not to say followers are blameless, because they know what is right and what is wrong. The same way, if I led my group to the good side of the force, I will be rewarded by our Heavenly Father and so will those who follow. Being a Servant-Leader, you always look out for your brothers (and sisters), lifting them up and/or correcting them when needed, drawing out their potential in their leadership skills or anything you notice as their natural gift. It is your responsibility to notice those around you and to know what they are capable of. If your employee was depressed and you could help by sharing a few words, wouldn’t that be worth it? And if you chose not to, that would have consequences – maybe with the company, maybe personal. So be the best leader with your capabilities and always strive for the highest goal in life, which is serving our Heavenly Father and leading others to Him. This is not only because he wants us to, but because we are leaders and we want to save the souls of the people we care about. (Michael S)

It is very difficult to pick one Driving Value, since my understanding is that several of the Driving Values support and are incorporated into the others. Servant-Leader Mentality incorporates Love, Excellence and Execution to name a few, so with that understanding I have chosen Servant-Leader Mentality for its uniqueness among the 10 Driving Values. A Servant-Leader empowers others to succeed, meaning that you have shown someone a positive path. You have also shown them how to help someone else. In a world full of immorality and backstabbing, Servant-Leaders are just what we need. (Tyrone B)

The Driving Value that stands out to me is Servant-Leader Mentality. The reason it stands out to me is that it truly takes someone remarkable and commendable in character to lead others humbly, not seeking his own personal glory. This means that a Servant-Leader is truly lowly in heart and aloof when it comes to pride. That in itself is a task one must constantly work at daily. It’s not easy to lead other men and not want recognition for the success that has been accomplished in the rearing of those of men. Whether it is taking them from the mire and placing them on solid rock, or helping them go to from simple to men of understanding, being a Servant-Leader requires selflessness and looking to the needs and interests of others. A true Servant-Leader is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. (Kalan W)

A Servant-Leader Mentality is something very important to me: “we will lead by example with humility at the sacrifice of personal glory.” We speak of building our communities, yet we would have no communities without people. We must first realize the potential of our people and, with that, develop our Servant-Leaders. Give us your weak and we will make them strong. Give us your strong and we will develop leaders. These are self-evident truth, axioms of society for a greater future. Let us come together and be that future: learn to follow, learn to lead and become a Servant-Leader. (Jimmy A)

Servant-Leader Mentality sands out to me because I want to teach my son the importance of being a leader. I want to set an example by giving up things I used to do and sacrifice myself and my time as a volunteer at a Homeless Shelter in Houston, TX. Called the Star-of-Hope. I want to be able to help others achieve their goals, hopes and dreams, since I didn’t have that in my life growing up. The rest of my life, I want to serve others and be that person someone else can come to. I want to be there for my family and lead them in the right direction, giving my time to them and not myself. I want to make a difference in someone’s life. (Rondell J)

I’d have to say that Servant-Leader Mentality speaks to me the most. One of the reasons I feel that I relate to it is because I know that I am a leader. To be a great Servant-Leader, you have to serve. The definition of serve is “to work as a servant; to render obedience and worship God; to comply with the commands or demands of; to work through or perform a term of service; put in to be of use; answer; benefit; to prove adequate or satisfactory for; to wait on; to treat or act toward in a special way; lead one that leads a principal role.” Mentality means “mental power or capacity; mode or way of thought.” So to put all that together, you have the epitome of a Servant-Leader and of man in Jesus Christ. I serve my wife, my son and my PEP brothers. I’m choosing to lead courageously by rejecting passivity. I’m leading in the right direction. My thoughts are pure, full of joy, peace, happiness, kindness, gentleness and things that are of the Spirit. (Christian C)

The one Driving Value that stands out to me over the rest is Servant-Leader Mentality. I believe when you serve people, not only does that person gain, but you do as well. It can bring positivity to the person you are serving. It is a selfless act that can turn the heart of a person going through a rough time in life. It makes people feel special and also sets the example of leadership for the next man. If we could all have the mentality to serve first, the world will definitely be a better place. (Duane M)

Wise Stewardship

We are committed to the mentality of a steward: someone entrusted with another’s wealth or property and charged with the responsibility of managing it in the owner’s best interest. We will apply donors’ funds as promised. We are committed to being a lean organization, and as a staff, we are also committed to modest salary and expense levels. We use funds intelligently, efficiently and strategically to achieve maximum benefit for those we serve.

Wise Stewardship is the one Driving Value that stands out to me as the way you look out for one another. You never want your brother to fall; you always want to push one another up. You need to have someone you can trust with your wealth and know they have your best interest at heart. That means you are wise about whom you serve. I would like to be a Wise Steward for my Lord Jesus Christ. (Yancy B)

Wise Stewardship is probably the least-recognized Driving Value in the entrepreneurship program, even though we live it out every day. I identify with wise stewardship the most. Wise stewardship stands out to me for a number of reasons. Throughout my incarceration, I have had the unfortunate revelation that I own very little. What I do own has been provided to me, and I know I must be a wise steward of these possessions, not only to honor those who have blessed me but so that the possessions will last. I have also had time to reflect on my current situation, and I have come to the understanding that I was not a wise steward prior to my incarceration. I know if I would have treated and taken care of my wife and our relationship, I would still have her. If I had managed my liberty with honor and integrity, I would still be free and able to raise my son. This understanding has taught me the necessity of wise stewardship for my present and future. Lastly, I know now that all things come from my Father and that I am truly only a steward here on earth. In conclusion, wise stewardship teaches and promotes that when I am trusted and faithful with a little, I will be entrusted with a lot. (Samuel H)