We believe that without accountability, neither our participants nor the executives with whom we work will be changed by the program. We will do everything in our power to help the participants succeed in life, but we provide only opportunities and tools; participants must want to change. Consequently, PEP only commits time and resources to those who demonstrate a desire to help themselves. PEP enforces a “no wiggle room” accountability program with participants.

PEP volunteers and employees will likewise be held to a high standard of accountability, being required to take ownership of their initiatives and follow through with their commitments.

This Driving Value stood out to me because above all, we must start our journey by holding ourselves accountable and to a higher standard. Most of all my children deserve a father, friend and someone approachable in society. My wife and our whole family will to be astounded when they see me. My walk, talk and actions really represent GOD’s presence in all that I am. This drives me to embrace a total change – all the rest of the Driving Values fall into place without any kind of hesitation or complaints when you have accountability. (Jesse G)

Accountability stands out to me the most because it is a major part of any successful person, group, business, corporation and more. I like to think of accountability as the foundation of whatever you are organizing or putting together. If your foundation is weak, then the structure that you place on top of it will crumble and fall right along with the foundation. With accountability, everyone is held to one standard, with the main standard being respect. Accountability means being responsible and answerable. If you are not responsible enough to handle a situation, while being capable of explaining answers to a problem, then others can become lost. (Ismeal K)




We are dedicated to pursuing excellence in every area, despite the difficulties which arise from setting high standards. We seek to work with and learn from the best of the best. We are dedicated to developing excellence in leadership throughout our organization—leadership of projects, ideas and the promotion of our 10 Driving Values. PEP is committed to working with people and organizations who share our values and mission.

In PEP we seek to work with and learn from the best of the best, which is part of why Excellence is my favorite Driving Value. All my life, I’ve strived to be the best at whatever I’m doing. In school I was on the A/B honor roll my whole life. When I make less than a perfect score, it seems like my whole world crumbles. By this program having such high expectations for the participants, I have been encouraged to push myself harder than ever before. In turn, my achievement drive has intensified and I believe that I can accomplish any goal I set for myself. (John M)

Of all the Driving Values we live by, I think that Excellence stands out to me the most. We seek to work with and learn from the best of the best. This is so true in every aspect, both in here and in life. I do not want to be led by someone who is fake or second rate. I see the people who excel in this program, and I naturally gravitate toward them because they have knowledge and a skill set that I want to acquire. Without Excellence, you cannot have Integrity, Accountability, Servant-Leader Mentality, Fun or any of the rest of the 10 Driving Values. If you truly believe you need to have a pure heart, Excellence will become natural. Excellence is the root to a strong, healthy belief system. (Dustin K)

Excellence has a brand new meaning to me. I never thought about when I completed a task to give it my all or to passionately put my heart and soul into whatever I completed. I did not realize that it was not about finishing but the beauty of the struggle and fighting for what you truly believe in. Whatever you finish has your seal of approval that people will judge you on. Now I understand that it is not just about Execution, but everything must be done with Excellence because the two go hand in hand. Whatever I do, I will now give it all that I have because this is my life, the work of my hands and my mind. It will forever be done with excellence. (Roger V)

Excellence is my favorite of the 10 Driving Values because without Excellence, what would we strive for? I strive for excellence daily in everything that I do. A personal quote that I live by is, “Be a better man tomorrow than the one you were today,” and I wholeheartedly believe if we stood by that, we would all be in a much better position in life. I know I am not perfect, far from it if truth be told, but I can honestly say that I try my absolute best to be the best I can be. Excellence is an attribute we all should work hard to achieve. The world would be a much better place for us all if everyone strived to work with and learn from the best of the best! (Tommy M)




We place an emphasis on execution—the ability to get things done. We expect to deliver outstanding and timely results. Big thoughts don’t matter if they are not turned into action. Self-discipline is a core element of our organization’s culture. We sweat the small stuff. We hire people with a strong track record of successful execution.


Execution stands out the most to me because nothing is accomplished, complete, conquered or mastered without the element of execution. Execution separates the talkers from the doers. Execution has been my weakness – I would always aspire to pursue a dream, a job or even a hobby and would either get sidetracked or give up on accomplishing whatever I was after. I have now vowed to myself to follow through on all things I start from here on out. (Vincent A)

I love the fact that PEP has the 10 Driving Values as the foundation for the program. It shows a lot about the founder’s character and goal orientation. Since I have been enrolled in the program I have noticed the change in myself as well as my family members. No value in my opinion stands out like Execution does for me. I say this because you can have knowledge, wisdom and/or understanding about anything, but if you do not have Execution, “it” will all be in vain. Execution has made me push and extend my limits. (Dante B)

Before I joined the Prison Entrepreneurship Program, I was clueless about what the 10 Driving Values meant and how they made people successful. Now that I have gained the knowledge, I try to use all 10 in everyday situations, but the one I use the most is Execution. Execution states: “We place an emphasis on execution – the ability to get things done. We expect to deliver outstanding and timely results. Big thoughts don’t matter if they are not put into action. Self-discipline is a core element of our organization’s culture. We sweat the small stuff. We hire people with a strong track record of successful execution.” As I applied this word and put it into action, I found myself wiser, smarter and successful. Here are some things that I have achieved since I have been applying this value: I’ve passed all six tests with A’s and B’s; I won the two-and-a-half to three minute pitch; and now I am about to graduate the Prison Entrepreneurship Program. Execution is the biggest Driving Value that I will use moving forward to be successful. (Gail B)

I choose Execution because the other Driving Values do not exist unless they are executed. I have been on both sides of the fence as far as execution is concerned; at times I have lacked execution, and at other times I have executed everything I set out to accomplish. While being in PEP, I have had to execute study habits, new behavior and thinking, but most importantly I’ve had to execute my goals. I never quit or take a shortcut. Practicing Execution daily makes it second nature. Execution doesn’t mean I am never going to fail, but it also means I am not going to wait around for something to happen. (Kwentin R)

Out of the 10 Driving Values, the one that stands out to me is Execution because Execution is something that I believe that everyone needs to learn how to do in life. Over the years I have been in prison, I learned that when you do something, you have to really put your heart into it – and not just in prison, but also once we return to society as well. I thank God for giving me the chance to really learn about this Driving Value, because it has helped me to see what I am going to do with my life: executing my plan in starting my business and helping other people, all while making money. This is what Execution means to me. (Kevin T)

I have selected Execution, and the definition says it all: “Big thoughts don’t matter if they are not turned into action.” We all have dreams and thoughts of one day making our wildest dreams come true. And all that is great and wonderful, but if we do not put those dreams into action and complete the steps necessary to accomplish our goals, they will forever remain dreams. That is the fire starter – you can say you want to do this or that, but if you do not put that first foot on the ground followed by the next foot and so on, you will be stuck in the sand. It will be just a bunch of words with no effort to bring those dreams to life. (Chad W)


Fresh Start Outlook

PEP believes that every inmate is a human being in need of a true second chance (which for many may actually be a legitimate first chance). We will treat every inmate with respect, regardless of background or personal history. We strive to equip human beings to achieve their full potential. We believe that people can change, dignity can be restored and, as a result, society will reap bountifully.

Although all of the 10 Driving Values are important to me, the one that stands out the most is “Fresh-Start” Outlook. I have been given another chance at life, to redeem myself from my past actions and mistakes. PEP has given me the tools needed to succeed. I believe that this is a great opportunity to put my past actions and negative relationships behind me and move forward to be the Servant Leader that my family needs me to be. I will start over, moving forward with a fresh start in my life and make a great lasting impression in this world. (Jose C)

“Fresh Start” Outlook is the Driving Value that really stood out to me because we all need a fresh start and a new chance to become something better – a new man, you might say. “Fresh Start” Outlook means so much to me because I really thought there were no second chances. I truly thought once you were at the bottom, you stayed there, but that’s not true at all. You can always change for the better, and PEP gave me that chance. (Isaac D)

I believe in all 10 Driving Values, and I’m thankful for PEP introducing them to me, but “Fresh Start” Outlook represents my passion for true change. I love a good underdog story, and “Fresh Start” Outlook is my story that I want to share with my community. I was so motivated by this Driving Value I named my staffing agency business plan after it. My passion comes from being knocked down and judged for my past. Now my mission is to exceed the expectations and accomplishments of the people around me while building trust through integrity and a true “Fresh Start” Outlook. (Robert E)

The Driving Value that stands out most to me is “Fresh Start” Outlook. Every one of us who are in this program have made mistakes in the past which led to our consequences, but we also have made the decision now to change. I have let my family down so much in the past, and I want to show them a new me. All I ask is for one chance to show and prove my “Fresh Start” Outlook is real. I want to show my family that there will be no more broken promises, because another driving value that has struck me is Integrity. I’m aiming for success in all aspects of life and I will stop at nothing to achieve it. (Carlos E)

“Fresh Start” Outlook stands out to me the most because I too believe that “every offender is a human being in true need of a second chance.” I am of the same mindset that many of us in here did not get a legitimate first chance. I like the idea of equipping people to achieve their full potential. People can and do change. Without a fresh start, it would be pointless to be here. We all deserve and need a fresh start. I know personally I do, and I can see how I can benefit from having a “Fresh Start” Outlook – a new lease on life. Why this stands out to me the most is, I am tired of getting it wrong. I am striving to get it right and in doing so, I could use a helping hand. (Dante E)

The Driving Value that stands out to me the most is “Fresh Start” Outlook. To be honest, I did not like the guy that I used to be. It was hard to forgive myself for the things that I put myself and family through. But now that I have a true fresh start, I do not have to be that guy I used to be and I can focus now on my future instead of always focusing on my past. (David K)

It is very difficult to pick just one of the 10 Driving Values, because they all have relevance in my life today and hold great personal meaning. But the one that stands out to me particularly is “Fresh Start” Outlook. My reasoning behind choosing this one is simple: I was in dire need of a “fresh start” in my life. I had royally messed up; I drove my life so far into the ground that I honestly thought it was over, and that I would never be able to recover emotionally or spiritually from the mess I made of it. The first line of the definition of “Fresh Start” Outlook gave me hope in rebuilding my life and creating a future for my family and myself. (Jon K)

“Fresh Start” Outlook is definitely the Driving Value that stands out the most to me. I was thinking about the sense of confidence and productive expectation I have regarding my upcoming release. Before gaining the knowledge I have learned in PEP, I was doubtful, fearful and unsure about how I could be successful. I wanted it, but I didn’t truly believe I could really be in control of my circumstances. Now I have a clear goal, direction and objective that I’m moving toward with purpose and passion. Being that I am older, and my criminal background is extensive, I had allowed the thoughts of my past to paralyze me. Now I see through a different set of lenses and light. I am becoming wiser and more knowledgeable than ever before. I am blessed with good health, a sound mind and tenacious determination to succeed on multiple levels. My joy is in developing the ability to provide for, protect and prosper with my wife and family, and the ministry God has given us to share. This has become the “purpose-driven life” that has been revealed to me. I have come to know the Truth, and He has made me free to experience this “Fresh Start” Outlook. (David M)

My favorite Driving Value is “Fresh Start” Outlook because my whole life I’ve been a menace to society, but ever since I’ve been blessed with this opportunity to be in PEP, I’ve dedicated my life to change and re-evaluated my morals in general. This brotherhood has given me the chance for a true “Fresh Start” Outlook. I am a true believer in being kind and humble to my brothers, because all of us can use a fresh start. (Albert P)

The Driving Value that stands out the most to me is “Fresh Start” Outlook. Sometimes in life, people make mistakes, and it can go from one person giving up on you to the whole world, then you give up on yourself. But when you know that people will give you a second chance, and that with a new spark in the mind you can create a new ideal, you can change your environment and possibly the world. This pushes you to become a better person, all because you had a fresh start. (Brandon P)

The Driving Value that stands out the most to me is “Fresh Start” Outlook because without a vision, nothing gets accomplished. Change is good for us all to make sure we are continuously striving to be a better version of ourselves. We have to want to do better and take the chance to do more so that life will be satisfying to us. This Driving Value also talks about society, which helps me see the bigger picture. Our choices do not only affect us personally but everyone around us. By me doing right and making good decisions, I can have peace of mind. I will not have to worry about the consequences that come with living wrong. (Tyson T)

The Driving Value that stands out to me the most is “Fresh Start” Outlook. I had to finally come to a point in my life when I wasn’t happy with the man I was becoming. I needed to change my heart and how I felt about my past with everything I had done. This place I came to – prison – has humbled me a lot and shown me how to be a man. I want a good life for my family, to where they will never have to see this place. I had to do something, so God cleaned my slate and humbled me. He took me out of my misery after eight long years of just suffering and pain. That’s why having a “Fresh Start” Outlook means the most to me. (Adam T)

“Fresh Start” Outlook is the Driving Value that most resonates with me (and so many others). I made a mistake, but I refuse to be defined by my past. I have to start over from scratch and receive a second chance. I know that I cannot give up for the sake of my family, my wife and my future, because success is my only option – failure is not. It is possible that people can change and dignity can be restored, not only to me but my family as well. All I need is just a Fresh Start. (Roger V)

Life is very different now that I have morals. I value things in life that I never once appreciated before, such as my wife and family. Now that I have had the opportunity to veer my life back onto the right path, I live by values that I never knew existed, such as Integrity and Accountability – but the Driving Value that means the most to me is “Fresh Start” Outlook. With a “Fresh Start” Outlook, I have identified that no matter how bad my past may look, it will always be subject to change for the better depending on my drive and enthusiasm to fulfill my destiny. It also gives me a chance to change my mistakes into opportunities and start off fresh and be a leader for my family. (Christopher W)




Work is an important part of life and it should be fun and rewarding. We seek to create a work environment that encourages laughter, imagination, fellowship and creativity. We regularly celebrate positive results and recognize those involved in the success.

The Driving Value that sticks out to me is Fun. I am an outgoing guy, and I love to have fun! If you are having fun, it sends out a positive vibe because nobody has fun being negative. This is an important Driving Value not only in the program but in life period. When I’m at work, I tend to make a fun day out of an ordinary day. So when you put all of the 10 Driving Values together, Fun is the one that sticks out the most to me. (Israel D)

While every one of the 10 Driving Values is important in our everyday life, I think the one that stands out the most to me is going to have to be fun. I would say fun because if you don’t have fun at work or whatever it is you are doing, then you are doing it for the wrong reason. It is important that you have fun every day. (Dylan D)

“Work is an important part of life, and it should be fun and rewarding.” You have to work if you want to have a stable life. For anything that you want in life, you more than likely have to work for it. But if you do what you love to do for a living, it does not feel like work. This is the main reason I decided to create my own event planning and entertainment company. Legendary Events and Entertainment will create a work environment that encourages laughter, imagination, fellowship and creativity. Since we will be focusing on party planning, we will regularly celebrate others and recognize positive changes in the community. Life is too short to be serious all the time – there is a time to work and there is a time to play. If you are going to have fun, do it with love and integrity so that you can create fun memories without regrets. (Joseph L)

The Driving Value that stands out the most to me is Fun. Because work is an important part of life, it should be fun and rewarding. We all work hard to support ourselves and our families. But life would be boring if all we did was work. It would turn us dull and bitter. So I believe everyone needs a little bit of fun in life. We all work hard, so we all should be able to play hard afterwards, as long as we do not go overboard. (Michael Mon)

The Driving Value that I feel is most important is Fun. The reason why I feel like fun is worth so much is because people simply become dull if what they’re doing isn’t fun. When people are having fun, it creates a positive environment, which then leads to people performing at their highest level. Life is serious, but it should be fun and rewarding too. When we are having fun, people embrace life for what it is, which is beautiful. When we create an environment that encourages laughter and positivity, people will be attracted to it and become comfortable, along with a desire to become a part of the team that encourages Fun. (Michael Moo)

The PEP Driving Value that stands out the most would have to be Fun. We seek to create a work environment that encourages fellowship, creativity and positive results. Work is an important part of life, and it should be rewarding to those involved in the success of the future of those we work with. So as we hold ourselves to a high standard of accountability, we regularly celebrate and thank those who encourage laughter in everything we do. Without fun in our lives, things would just be too simple (maybe even boring). So it is always a good day when everyone has a smile, and it feels better throughout the day to know that I can be around people who love to have fun. (Juan S)

“Work is an important part of life and should be fun and rewarding.” I can become so focused on everything going according to a certain tempo that when things do not happen as I think they should, I become even more fixated on making things go the way I think they should go. I have a friend who said one time that I should learn to be more flexible and allow things to go wrong and just roll with it. PEP’s definition of Fun has given a guideline to follow and make the best of whatever is going on. It is okay to be focused on my work, but it is important to have fun at it also. (Jeffery W)



We embrace a pioneering spirit and are constantly in the pursuit of innovation and improvement in our efforts to help others. We expect dramatic change. We are committed to seeing beyond the current perception, and even the current reality, to break stereotypes and shape new futures.

Innovation is not just a gift of inspiration – it is also a practice. For this gift to be brought to life, Love and Integrity must be in place, as Innovation needs to be nurtured by self and others, and everyone’s impact is vital. The road to Innovation is paved by the 10 Driving Values. Operating in these 10 Driving Values will cause others to influence you. Innovation also does not come easy; there has to be determination even when there seems to be no inspiration. Dreams can be given but you have to be willing to do the legwork. (Scott D)

Innovation is important to me – as it should be for everyone – because it is a prerequisite for growth. In our personal lives, we must be innovative to keep ourselves from being stagnant, complacent and perhaps depressed, feeling as if we are merely existing rather than living. Introducing new ways into our to do list keeps life fun. In a business sense, Innovation is required because of the many types of audiences/consumers; there is a way to get to every person – it just has not been created yet. I am always working to improve for all.

Innovation is at once a sense of spirit and a creative by-product of the mind, a pairing of powerful potential that is a cornerstone of our times, our country and this program. To see the world as a ball of clay, every situation as a unique opportunity to create – to bring something from nothing – really captures the essence of the word “innovate.” The ancients had a phrase, “ex nihilo,” that translates literally from the Latin as “out of nothing.” The world is an endless sea of possibilities of conceivability that are only waiting to escape from “ex nihilo” into being, and we need only apply all God-given gifts, talents and abilities within the framework of the remaining Driving Values to realize the awesome potential of this divine spark we call Innovation. (Andrew N)

Innovation is an important value because it shows you new ways to study and get a job completed. It’s you using your mind and imagination to come up with new ideas. We can use Innovation in putting a business plan together and finding a new concept in producing a new product. Innovation can be used in our everyday lives or simply in the way we think about things. I believe with Innovation comes Excellence and Execution in actions and thoughts. Without Innovation, we will never get past the roadblocks we come across in life. PEP has used Innovation by creating a program to help people change their lives for the better. (Thomas C)




We model and require complete honesty and integrity in all our relationships and endeavors. Integrity means more than simply the absence of deception; it means we are completely forthright in all our dealings. We say what needs to be said, not simply what people want to hear. We are truthful with ourselves, listening attentively to feedback from others as they speak into our lives, correct us and reveal to us our blind spots.


Out of the 10 Driving Values, the one that stands out to me the most is Integrity. Integrity is everything – without it, you have nothing. Being able to take someone’s word (or action) and truly believe them is essential to life. Living by this Driving Value has allowed me to become trustworthy among my peers. The feeling of being trusted holds immeasurable value and is priceless to me. I will now utilize this value for the remainder of my time on earth. (Malik C)

Integrity stands out the most to me because I believe without Integrity, you would not hold yourself accountable for the things you do wrong. Integrity means a lot more than just “saying what needs to be said, not simply what other people want to hear.” Integrity also means doing the right thing even when no one is looking. So do the right thing, period. I believe without Integrity, the rest of the 10 Driving Values would be hard to accomplish. (Thomas C)

Integrity is the Driving Value that stands out to me the most. Because I say what need to be said, not simply what people want to hear, I’m not afraid to tell about yourself or the things that you are doing wrong . I’m not afraid to tell you what I believe in either. I would not be true to myself or to you if I did not tell you how I feel. I speak my mind, like it or not – and I want people to do the same for me as well. (Marcus E)

The Driving Value that stands out the most Integrity because I will always say what needs to be said, and not simply what people want to hear. Because if Integrity is an area that is lacking in someone, I will be gladly correct you to show you your blind spot. To me someone that shows Integrity has a form of righteousness. (David G)

Integrity stands out to me the most because I value honesty and having moral character that is unimpaired, sound, or in perfect condition. I see integrity as the child of two primary character traits: humility and courage. Humility means that, over time, principles ultimately govern. We are committed to the practice of all praiseworthy values that enhance the worth of individuals and strengthen our communities. Courage takes commitment and when put to the test, our commitment to these traits defines our character. When we have both humility and courage, we naturally develop Integrity around principles and values. (Samuel H)

Integrity is a word you seldom ever hear mentioned, but it is a word that holds a lot of meaning. It forms the basis of what a man is worth. It means someone can be trusted and depended on, even when no one is around – in other words, he will do what is right without being monitored. Integrity is a value I have in the world that has allowed me to gain trust, get raises and earn respect from employers and co-workers. If a man has no integrity, then what does he have to stand on? How can he ever be trusted with anything or anyone? He cannot be, plain and simple. He has no reason to be trusted by others; he is like a ship without a sail, in that he will lean either direction lazily. (Tommy J)

Integrity stands out to me the most because those of us who chose to be a part of the Prison Entrepreneurship Program did so willingly and continue to do so by choice, not force. We are committed to change and leadership, which includes living out the 10 Driving Values. Anybody can “fake it to make it,” but it takes real willpower and commitment to be the same person no matter what the situation. I believe without Integrity, none of us would truly embrace change. In order to fully commit to change for the greater good, we must do so of our own free will and for ourselves, no one else. In plain sight or behind closed doors, we must remain loyal to our beliefs and values. (Tommy M)

The Driving Value that stands out to me the most is Integrity. Integrity is what it is all about – if you can do the right thing even when no one is looking and not cut any corners to gain an advantage, then you will go far in business. Not only will you succeed in business, but you will succeed in every aspect of your life. Earning that trust that you will do what you say you will do, when you say you are going to do it, will carry your business success a long way. Without Integrity (and the other morals and values you stand on), you cannot succeed or go anywhere with your customers, suppliers and family. (Lorenzo M)

Integrity is the Driving Value that stands out the most to me. I believe that without Integrity, you can’t be a man. I was taught at a very young age the importance of integrity, but somehow I veered away from what I was taught. Since I have become a PEP participant, I’ve found my true north. All of the 10 Driving Values are very important, but Integrity hits home. I’ve learned to be a man of integrity again. (John M)

The Driving Value that really jumps out at me is Integrity. I had a football coach in high school that would always try to impress upon us the importance of integrity. I could not understand what integrity had to do with football until much later in life. One day I heard it said that how you do anything is how you will do everything, and suddenly it became clear what my coach was after all those years ago. Since joining this program, I have seen the truth that undergirds this statement. We are seeking to create men of integrity, because how you do anything is how you will do everything, and the very basis of who you are is founded on a culmination of small choices and decisions. In architecture, the word “integrity” is used in reference to stability and dependability. I find this is a useful analogy to human behavior, because our decisions, witnessed or not, determine our ability to persevere through life’s inevitable storms. (Andrew N)

Out of all of PEP’S 10 Driving Values, the one that stands out the most to me is Integrity. Integrity is widely defined as doing the right thing morally, whether someone is around or not and whether you receive credit or not. People want to be able to trust that someone they meet for the first time is respectable and honest. Family members expect us to have Integrity because they want to be able to count on us if needed. And our coworkers demand Integrity because when implemented in any working environment, the atmosphere is more comfortable. For most of my life I lacked integrity, and now I see clearly how it has affected me, directly and indirectly, including some of my future endeavors, especially when it pertains to my credit score (history) and employment history. Integrity is a very important characteristic to possess. Without it, most people, family members, coworkers, significant others, investors, etc. will be slow to trust you. (Scott R)

When asked which Driving Value stands out to me, I would have to say Integrity. I believe a man with real integrity will wholeheartedly live by all 10 Driving Values, because in his heart he will know if he is trying to “fake it to make it” when he does an integrity check on himself. When a person has true integrity, he will execute everything he does with a sense of truthfulness. A person with integrity will be more often than not be put into a leadership position. Because of this integrity, he will not compromise what is right for anything less. (Johnathan S)

Webster’s Dictionary defines “integrity” as adherence to a code of values. For PEP, that code of values is our 10 Driving Values. I believe Integrity is at the core of each one of our 10 Driving Values – yes, including Fun. For instance, I strongly believe in Accountability and its process. I feel people should hold themselves accountable first and foremost. In order to do that, you need to have Integrity. Without Integrity, the accountability process – not just of oneself but of others as well – is just a thought. It takes Integrity to be able to hold yourself accountable for your thoughts and actions. Although the “Integrity Check” we so often do could be the simplest of things to do, it speaks volumes about a person’s character if it is done inwardly first. “We say what needs to be said, not simply what others want to hear.” That for me begins by telling myself what needs to be said every morning, which is that I have the integrity to be a better person today than I was yesterday. (Russell W)



We are committed to service in love. PEP staff and leaders will be patient and kind, never envious or boastful or rude. We will not seek our own way nor be easily provoked; rather, we will bear all things and endure all things. We will rejoice in the truth and always seek out the best in others.

I had to sit back and really think about which of the 10 Driving Values stands out to me the most. Although I believe that you need all 10 Driving Values to be a better individual, I think that without Love, the rest of the values hold no weight. As a Servant-Leader, you must have love in your heart for others around you. Love is the most powerful feeling, for if we truly have love for someone then we want the best for them. We can grow and become better people if we allow love in our hearts. (Jaime A)

Love is the Driving Value that stands out to me because without it, the world becomes unbalanced, full of envy and hatred. Most situations and circumstances in life are settled from love being involved either by the accuser or the accused. This ten driving value of life is a critical one that has the power that no other ten driving value has. If we sit down to examine it, Love has the massive power to hurt deeply and cause humans to be afraid to ever come in contact with it again. But it also has the power to bring countries, families, races and plenty more together. That is why Love stands out to me. (Alan C)

The Driving Value of Love is the balance for all the other values to work. God is love. Love is what Jesus taught about when He said to love GOD and to love others before yourself. In the programming here, the kindness and love has affected me the most. I pray love will be reinforced above all else so that when correction comes, love will direct it. God help us to love. (Scott D)
Out of the 10 Driving Values that we live by, Love is the one that stands out the most. I believe that Love is the most real thing that we have in life and if everyone loved each other, we would all have respect for one another. Love should be the foundation to everything in life. Love for everyone would mean there would be no violence and no war, and everyone would know that God is the greatest love of all. (Darius D)

Love is the Driving Value that weaves through all 10 Driving Values. Love is the quality that connects all other Christian qualities. In the Greek, this word is “agape.” It is not a feeling or emotion, but an action whereby one seeks the best for another. Jesus told his disciples, “They will know you are my disciples by the love you have for one another.” This love that Jesus speaks of here and throughout the New Testament is selfless and sacrificial, and is the word the apostle John used in describing God in 1 John 4:16, which says, “God is agape.” The apostle Paul uses this word and describes it to the Corinthian church by saying “Agape/love suffereth long and is kind…envieth not…vaunteth not itself…is not puffed up.” He goes on to say “it rejoiceth not in iniquity but rejoiceth in the truth…it beareth all things believeth all things, hopeth all things and endureth all things…Agape faileth not.” Love truly is an everlasting and all-powerful quality and Driving Value. (Justin F)

Hello everyone, this is your favorite brother, Jose H., reporting to you live and local from the best pod: M pod! Today I will be writing about the Driving Value that sticks out and means the most to me. Are you all ready? In my opinion, it would be Love. That is right – Love to me is very important in our values because if you do not have love, you do not have anything. Here is why I believe that it goes hand in hand with every other Driving Value we hold ourselves to in this revolution: Love is the main engine that keeps us intact as gentlemen. Love is very important because if something is not out of love, it is out of spite. So brothers, think long and hard on that and always remember: Love conquers all! (Jose H)

Remain focused on love and romance. Passion is a very important emotion because it stimulates the brain at a very high rate of vibration. There is no energy more powerful than love. Most never bother to educate themselves on the subject before they enter into a relationship. I am guilty of such actions. I say this to my shame. (Darryl O)

Love is the most important Driving Value because God said it is the strongest feeling or emotion in the entire universe. When we embrace people, it should be with love, and we must build all relationships with love in our hearts. It is about helping other people and being kind. The Lord wants us to use love as a superpower to show the world how we are supposed to care about each other, even if we do not know each other. Without love in our lives, the earth would be an evil place. (William R)

Love is the strongest value and most important quality anyone can obtain. All other Driving Values hinge on this one great substance we call “love.” You can be the smartest and most brilliant man in the entire world, but without love your intelligence is worthless. You can also be the mightiest of all men, but without love, you’re really only a weak boy. If you give all you have but you’re not giving in love, you are truly giving nothing. (Johnny S)

Love is the most important part to this program. Without love, you cannot open up to your brothers and lead others. If you don’t love yourself, then you won’t try and improve. If you don’t love yourself, then how can you expect to love anyone else well? You must love enough to forgive, not only others, but yourself as well. If you can’t forgive yourself, then you won’t be able to move forward in life. That is why it all revolves around Love. (Jordan T)

Love is the cornerstone of PEP’s foundation. Love does not criticize, condemn or complain. Love encourages, love is patient, and love is kind. In love there is hope – hope for men who have traveled the road less taken, as well as hope for the families who have loved those men through all of the trials and tribulations. Without love there would be no PEP – no lives being changed, no families being put back together. Without love, there would not be volunteers coming through the door and giving hope to those who have none. With love there is hope for change and transformation. With love men are freed from the shackles of their past choices. With love there is the possibility for volunteers, participants and families to come together to with one goal. In PEP there is love, and because of that there is love in me. (Kanon V)

Love is the Driving Value that stands out to me the most because Love is the universal action that gives all human beings the power and strength to do all things. Without Love, you are angry, hateful, bitter, envious, jealous and fearful. These are traits that will not help you to be successful. The first step is to love yourself, and in return you can love others. Love is the stronghold within this PEP organization. Executives and volunteers give their time to teach us about business because they love us. That is why Love is the Driving Value that stands out to me. (Reco W)



Servant-Leader Mentality

PEP believes that with leadership comes the overriding responsibility to be of service to others. We believe the contributions we make in the lives of others are far more important than our own accomplishments. We will lead by example with humility at the sacrifice of personal glory. PEP exists because of our desire to serve all those with whom we come in contact, especially our participants, executives, partners, donors, prison staff and the community at large.

I believe when a person not only says what he is about but also shows it, that’s having Servant-Leader Mentality. I’m real big on leading by example. Even though I’ve made mistakes, I try each and every day to better myself by practicing what I preach. This is what I believe I’m supposed to do during and after this transitional phase I’m going through. It has been a hard journey by myself. With the strength I’ve gained along the way since the start, I look forward to the long way I have left to go. With that being understood, I embrace the emotional challenge. (Carnell A)

For most of us, life is a constant fire blazing away. As we strive to become better, things get hard on us and we want to give up. I can speak on this because for the last seven months, I have applied more heat to myself and life seems to have gotten hard. Many days I’ve wanted to quit and many days I have failed, but thanks to the people I consider Servant-Leaders, they have helped me through it all. They have been willing to jump into the fire with me, which is beyond anything I could ask for. In the process, it encourages me to do better and help others on their journey. Today I consider myself a Servant-Leader, and I gained this value in a place most people would not even look twice at, so I thank God for this. (Devonte B)

Although I love all 10 Driving Values, the one that sticks out to me the most is Servant-Leader Mentality. I definitely take my hat off to those who take a daily inventory of themselves and walk with integrity rather than pride. Servant-Leaders lead to see others succeed, not themselves. They realize that when the group succeeds, it is due to the leaders that selflessly guided them there. So as a group, I hope and pray that we all strive to be true Servant-Leaders … we all still have work to do. (Dustin F)

What I like most about Servant-Leaders is that these are usually the people who have gone through the most, fought the most and cared the most. A Servant-Leader can be trusted to do the right thing when no one is looking. He will not just tell you what to do, but show you how to do it. He is willing to risk being embarrassed about making a mistake. He is humble; when others put his brothers down, it’s the Servant-Leader who speaks up. He is a protector, a coach and a mentor. This person does not want anything in return because a Servant-Leader is driven by the fact that he was able to help someone succeed in life. A Servant-Leader will be there when everyone else has given up on you. This is the type of person that I want in my life. With that being said, Servant-Leader Mentality stands out to me the most. (Estevan H)

To me Servant-Leader Mentality is the most powerful of the 10 Driving Values. By keeping the attitude of a servant while leading others, we not only eliminate the resistance of those who follow us, but we also increase their willingness to follow. A Servant-Leader leads to see others succeed at the sacrifice of his own glory. It is with this attitude of putting those we lead first and simultaneously accomplishing the goals of the team that we can achieve the upper echelons of success in all our endeavors. (Jeremy L)

What stands out the most out of all 10 Driving Values is Servant-Leader Mentality, because we would not be here in this position if it was not for the people ahead of us who went through it and now put energy and time into showing us what to expect and what to look forward to. Servant-Leaders show us the man we can become. The reason we’ve made it this far is because we have had living proof leading us there. So now that we are about to graduate, we are going to be the new set of Servant-Leaders, and we have to pass down what we have been taught to make lives, families, communities and the world better. (Xavier M)

The Driving Value that stands out to me the most would be Servant-Leader Mentality. The reason I relate to this Driving Value the most is that it defines me as a person. I am now understanding my purpose as a leader. I have so many people depending on me and my success that I refuse to be a failure to them. I never knew I had so much of an impact on so many of my peers until I came to jail and was told how I had let them down. I now have to lead by example, and that is exactly what I will do. (Kendrick S)

Out of the 10 Driving Values that PEP is founded on, the one that stands out the most to me is Servant-Leader Mentality. To be a leader is no easy task. You must lead by example and operate with integrity, excellence, execution, love, fun, accountability, innovation and wise stewardship. To be a good leader you must also serve your peers, your employer and your family. True leaders are looked up to and held to a higher standard. Servant-Leader Mentality is difficult to achieve and maintain because it covers all of the 10 Driving Values, and that is why it stands out to me the most. (Clavio V)



Wise Stewardship

We are committed to the mentality of a steward: someone entrusted with another’s wealth or property and charged with the responsibility of managing it in the owner’s best interest. We will apply donors’ funds as promised. We are committed to being a lean organization, and as a staff, we are also committed to modest salary and expense levels. We use funds intelligently, efficiently and strategically to achieve maximum benefit for those we serve.

Being a wise steward is more than just being able to take care of property, whether it be your property or someone else’s. Being a wise steward means being a good manager of a lot of things such as your time, money, family and friends. Being a wise steward is really at the core to understanding the value of what you have or what others have entrusted to you and wanting to take the very best of care for it. Most of all, when people see that you are a wise steward, they will know that they can trust you and that you are a man who values life to the highest degree. (Johnny S)

We will apply donors’ funds “as promised” goes beyond just funds. Wise Stewardship means being a good steward of anything that is in my care. Being a wise steward means I am a responsible person that can be trusted with other individuals’ possessions. I will act as though it is mine. Trust is a key concept in being a wise steward. One could go so far as to say that Wise Stewardship goes beyond just being responsible for materialistic items. I believe it should involve the relationships we have, both personal and professional. Being a wise steward with those relationships is the first step in showing those around us that we truly care about what we are doing. (Russell W)

Out of all the 10 Driving Values, Wise Stewardship may be the one that is most overlooked. However, trusting someone with your possessions is really important. Being a wise steward means you take care of your possessions and anyone else’s as well. If you are not a wise steward, people will not think twice about trusting you with handling their money. If you are someone who loses things often or constantly misplaces things, that could be devastating. It can make a working environment a mess and slow down work production. Wise Stewardship is not to be underrated, which is why it is the value that stands out to me the most. (Reco W)

As a Wise Steward, I have thought about this Driving Value a lot going through the program. What does this mean to me? What I have come up with is giving back to the program that has given me so much to work with in order to succeed in business. In my pitch, as a way of giving back, I plan on hiring any released PEP graduate in need of a job. I could not think of a better way to give back than to help the next brother that has a need. (Jeffery W)