Dear PEP Families,

Thank you for your patience! – all graduation pictures have been tagged, which will make it much easier to find your loved one’s photos. 

Please follow these quick directions:

Click this link to see all of the graduation pictures:

  • Click the word “Search” at the top of the screen
  • Enter ESWN19 (which stands for Estes Winter ’19), then a space, then your loved one’s first name – so for example, if Marcus Smith graduated, then you would type: ESWN19 Marcus – all your loved one’s pictures should come up on the screen for you!

To Download the Pictures:

Note:  You must be on a computer, not a smartphone or tablet to download pictures.  Photos are for private use only.  Do not publish photos online or in print without permission from PEP.

  • In the lower right-hand corner of the picture, look for the arrow pointing down to a line.
  • Click on that arrow to download the picture.

Wait for the file to download, and then you can view/download other pictures.  If your computer asks you what you should do with the file, click the “Save” button – you may save it to your computer and/or a USB flash drive, which you can then take down to a place like Walgreens or WalMart and make as many prints as you’d like.

Thanks again so much for supporting your loved one throughout his PEP journey!