Hot off the presses! – we have our latest weekly class journal for you to read about a “day in the life of PEP” here: (click week 11)

Here are some important notes about PEP’s Zoom graduation on Friday, 7/1 (4p-6:30p Central Time):

  1. Instead of a maximum number of guests allowed, there is a max of two devices allowed per graduate – you can host 100+ people on your side of the screen, but only two devices can log in
  2. If your device is one that will be used (see below), you must sign up by June 10here:
  3. Here is the list of guests with “Zoom hosting capabilities” your soon-to-be-graduate hopes will sign up:
ParticipantGuest w/ Device #1Guest w/ Device #2
Adam AAida C (sister)
Adam GSue G (mom)Priscilla G (ex-wife)
Adam SElizabeth A (child’s mom)Shatera V (friend)
Adrian LLucy L (mom)
Alan BJose B (dad)
Alberto LLory L (mom)Kristi M (aunt)
Alexander B(none listed)
Alvin MAlvin M (dad)Antoine M (brother)
Ariel DJoshua V (friend)Chelsea C (child’s mom)
Arthur GCarlos G (brother)
Blake SBianca S (wife)
Brett FRoshelle M (mom)Ashley B (friend)
Brodie RBarbara R (mom)Brock R (brother)
Cameron SPam S (mom)Susan S (stepmom)
Carlos-Andre E-DToni  D (mom)Stanley E (dad)
Cesar CLys C (sister)Isabel C (sister)
Chad FLaura H (MIL)
Charlie LJessica S (wife)Keaston L (son)
Christopher MDebra M (sister)
Christopher SeAlma S (mom)
Christopher StBeau T (friend)Donielle E (friend)
Cody OKelly O (mom)Kara M (friend)
Corey TEnjoli N (wife)Eula T (mom)
Daevyon LLisa D (mom)
Daniel MFelix M (uncle)
Darius RNeil M (stepdad)Kenneth R (dad)
Doma GKerbi WKristie M (child’s mom)
Dominick PLaisa A (wife)Thao P (mom)
Donald BChancey L (sister)Judy C (friend)
Dustin DKathy C (mom)Darrell D (dad)
Eric BCharles B (dad)Lynne C (mom)
Erich BJoe B (dad)Aaron B (brother)
Floyd HColby H (son)
Gabriel HMary Jane H (mom)
Gustavo SGustavo M (dad)
James CaDeborah C (mom)
James CoMichelle C (wife)Annie B (mom)
Jason KKim K (stepmom)Tamra S (mom)
Jeramie HAnita W (mom)
Jeremy SClara L (grandma) Kristina (ex-wife)
Jesse AMaria A (mom)Eric A (brother)
Joe GBree G (girlfriend)Ramona G (mom)
John C(none listed)
John KlLeticia K (wife)
John Ky(none listed)
Jonte WMary G (godmother)
Jose VMary T (mom)
Josue FMaria F (mom)
Kaleb WPaula N (mom)
Kallen DDon A (grandfather)
Kevin HJennifer H (mom)MaKayla W (friend)
Kevin MToya G (wife)
Khalil DWilliam D (dad)April K (mom)
Kingsley BAdeola B (mom)
Kyler LMarcos C (friend)Alexis A (girlfriend)
Lester RJazmen J (niece)Toiya J (sister)
Lorean PGale P (mom)
Luis SNora S (wife)
Marciano CEsmeralda (sister)
Mario BAntonio C (stepdad)
Michael DDavid H (dad)
Michael MBetsy B (mom)
Mykal GLisa G (mom)
Nicklous MIcela A-C (mom)Naomi B (girlfriend)
Noverto GJolene M (wife)Annabelle S (niece)
Oscar FTae L (girlfriend)Jeffery T (cousin)
Otis B(none listed)
Patrick TReanna T (sister)Maeghan M (friend)
Paul L(none listed)
Rabyl NRay N (dad)
Raymond DTamara J (friend)Jesse D (mom)
Raymond EAntoinette H (grandma)
Richard SPatti S (mom)Crystal S (sister)
Robert ZDianne Z (mom)
Robie LDena P (wife)
Roderick MPeggy F (MIL)
Ryan BShannon B (wife)
Stanley MRhona M (sister)
Steven BShon R (sister)Bobbie B (mom)
Terry WAsia T (daugher)
Willie MBertha M (mom)
Xavier GRuby G (mom)
Xavier RLisa D (mom)

If your name is on this list, please sign up TODAY here:

Quick reminders:

Once again, thanks so much for your support!