Week 21


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Monday November 27, 2017

Legends of the Fall ’17, what a journey we have faced and conquered together. Many of us thought that we’d never make it past the obstacles, but we overcame and are still here at the end. Congratulations to us all as we strive to be better men and choose a path that is unfamiliar. With Leadership Academy, Men’s Fraternity and PEP workbooks spread out on tables, our new PEP brothers of Spring ’18 are in transition and need positive role models to show them that Robert Lewis and E.T. are telling them profound truths that none of the Legends of the Fall ’17 will ever forget. Shout outs to B-pod for the support we give each other when it comes to studying and practicing our pitches. It’s crunch time guys, because we have less than two weeks until our Business Plan Competition (BPC) and Graduation. Best of luck to everybody in the competition; and family members, be safe driving to graduation. We are LEGENDS! Frank Z. (a.k.a. “Iced Honey bun”)  

Tuesday November 28, 2017

Well my PEP brothers, 11 more days until BPC. We have less than two weeks to get our final speeches in order and ready to present. I have faith we will all do a good job and make our PEP family, and our biological families, proud. Nine months has come and gone, so let’s end it with a big bang. We are, after all, the Legends of the Fall ‘17. Today was computer lab day and we are closing in on the end, but there is plenty of work to be done on our final resumes, financial plans for getting money for our release, and finishing up our housing, transportation and “girl plans.” As long as we are honest about those priorities, the assignments will be extremely helpful when we are living life in the free world. Keep up the good work, strive for excellence, and never give up brothers. We have a lot of our PEP brothers going home soon, so we had the opportunity to be a part of some pray-outs this afternoon. It is always a beautiful thing to hear all the words of encouragement for our brothers. That is what family is all about: encouraging, motivating and uplifting one another – and not only when we are down and struggling, but when we’ve got good things going on and don’t want to see our brothers fall down and lose what we have worked so hard for. Remember to always stay focused, be positive and have integrity and patience, and many blessings will come our way. Jacob R. (a.k.a. “Cover Girl”)  

Wednesday November 29, 2017

Today was a great day for the Legends of the Fall ’17. Many of us were excited, because it was the day that we were able to work on our Coat of Arms pictures for our families. Some of us were able to design little t-shirts that will go on the teddy bears for our kids. It was great to see everyone working together and being creative. The class has come together on several occasions, but this day in particular was special, because it was a reminder to us that we have family and friends that are waiting for us to come home. As we worked on our projects, many of us were able to engage in conversations. In doing so, it made our bond even stronger than it already is. Now we’re finally counting down the days as graduation is right around the corner. When we get to visit with our families and share our happiness with them, it will be a moment that we’ll cherish forever. The class of Fall ‘17 will get the honor of becoming real legends. Alex P. (a.k.a. “Tinky Winky”)  

Thursday November 30, 2017

Today in the Prison Entrepreneurship Program we had an eventful day. It started off for some of us with a class called Health & Wellness. The class has been a great help as it really focuses on getting our bodies right, but more importantly our minds. Afterwards we had a guest speaker named Mike H., the chairman of PEP. We really enjoyed listening to him speak. He spoke with conviction and seemed very genuine. Lastly, we are all getting geared up for the BPC, so everyone in Fall ’17 is practicing their pitches and making sure everything is just right. We are all excited about graduation and getting to see all of our loved ones. Robert L. (a.k.a. “Funnel cake”)  

Friday December 1, 2017

This past and final week of preparations for the BPC and graduation has been exhilarating and emotional. The prospect of accomplishing such a great feat as earning recognition from a highly credible educational institution is overwhelming. Our energy and attention has been on the details, while supporting each other where our own efforts are in need of some assistance. Having experienced the motivation, encouragement and feedback from men of similar backgrounds and goals has created an atmosphere of belonging to something greater than ourselves, and it is very special to be a part of it. We have listened, laughed and danced together for months. We have learned to be considerate, respectful and patient with others. And these characteristics were not unknown to us, although it didn’t happen in our lives as often as we may have wanted it to. We have come to realize the world does not revolve around us; however, we do have a say in how our world turns out, and because of PEP, we even have the skills to make it a better place to live. The choices we make will now be scrutinized by our improved perspective and our servant-leader mentality. And we have a perfect example to follow in the greatest servant leader of all: Jesus Christ. During our final week we had an opportunity to hear Mike H., who told us we were chosen because there is evidence of a changed heart in all of us. Well he is absolutely right, we have seen others here and experienced ourselves the change of heart that opens the mind to the idea that being accountable and responsible to our lives and others. PEP has had a positive impact on all of us in somewhat way or fashion. We truly are PEP and we live between the wings, and through that we can accomplish many things. Kimothy T. (a.k.a. “Hula Hoop”)  


 “Love never fails.” ~St. Paul There’s this Christmas story someone told me a long time ago, and I’ll never forget it. In New York, when America was just starting, there was this man who lived on the streets. He did whatever he could to make ends meet. He would beg, borrow or steal; anything he could to live. And one Christmas Eve, he found a dollar bill and was so happy. He didn’t know what to do with the fortune he had just found. Finally he decided to buy him and his friends some drinks. On the way, he saw a baseball bat in the window of a sports shop. The haunting memory of how much he had wanted a bat like that when he was a kid burned in his heart like fire. So he rushed into the shop, bought the baseball bat, went down the street and left it propped up on the door of an orphanage. He rang the bell and ran. The bat was given that Christmas to a little boy who loved to play ball, but up to that time, he’d never had his own bat. It was his best Christmas ever….you may know this little boy by the name he had when he became home run king in the big leagues; it was Babe Ruth. You may never know how your actions may affect another person in life, good or bad. Be kind to all and think of others before yourself, because the real reward is received through the heart.   Alexius T. (a.k.a. “Cherry Dr. Pepper”)