Week 19


Week in Review


Monday  November 13, 2017

Today we had a meeting for the accountability leaders. We broke up into groups to discuss how each man’s personal vision is affected by his level of personal accountability, and vice versa. One thing that we discovered is that lack of accountability often reveals flaws in your vision. Most rules are simple – we learned them in kindergarten. Just by joining the PEP brotherhood you agree to abide by those rules and submit to disciplinary actions when you break them. And we know this, but today the brothers took this to higher level. Several of us spoke about what they discussed. All had different takes on this subject, but the common theme was that holding others accountable is ultimately caring enough about a brother’s life vision that you correct his course and keep him on his path to authentic manhood. Erik P. (a.k.a. “Patrick Swayze”)  

Tuesday November 14, 2017

Today was another successful day for my PEP brothers and myself. We went to the computer lab where we filled out a survey for the awards for the day after graduation. In my eyes, we are all winners for making it this far. I am proud of all my brothers for the outstanding job that they have done in this journey that we chose to take. Graduation is approaching fast, and that means that the Business Plan Competition (BPC) is also near as well. Although I won’t be attending the event, I plan to say my pitch at e-School (PEP’s continued education classes) so I will be able to graduate with my brothers, the Legends of the Fall ‘17. It has been a long journey for us all and I am happy that we were all able to finish the class together. Our future will be very bright as long as we keep God first in everything that we do. It has been a real pleasure to have had the opportunity to walk alongside this group of men. With that, I am signing out. Cedric J. (a.k.a. “Precious Angel”)  

Wednesday November 15, 2017

Today started out pretty well for the Legends of the Fall ’17. We attended our first graduate meeting and celebrated our accomplishment with all the prior graduates, and it was definitely a warm welcome. Thank you, Servant Leaders; it’s because of you that all of us have made it this far. Now we are three weeks away from giving our final pitch at our Business Plan Competition, followed by graduation day. Whoop! Whoop! We made it, Fall ’17! Nothing can stop this feeling that we can endure based on all we’ve accomplished. Since we are so close to the Business Plan Competition, Bert came to do a practice pitch day to give us feedback on our plans, which went real well. If you weren’t ready, he helped you get ready and gave us feedback. Thanks, Bert, and we’ll see you at graduation. Gene S. (a.k.a. “Lady Bug”)  

Thursday November 16, 2017

Thursday was a special day in the Spring class’s Leadership Academy. For the first time, the afternoon class showed a little interest: they lip-synced and danced, and I believe that they had a good time. We also had a lot of the guys volunteer. I believe that, little by little, they will grasp the concepts we are trying to teach them. I haven’t had so much fun in a while, watching these guys getting along and encouraging one another to participate – it was an awesome experience and will only get better. For those who are still having a hard time trying to come out of your shell: my recommendation is that you give what the class is trying to teach you a chance. Believe me when I say it cannot kill you, and no one will think any less of you. For the current class that is about to graduate, I tip my hat to you guys for all the hard work and dedication that you have brought to the program. Remember that this is only the beginning in your new walk. What you decide to do when you leave is up to you. I wish each and every one of Fall ’17 the best. May God bless you all! Joe A. (a.k.a. “Chile Piquing”)  

Friday November 17, 2017

TGIF for real! Friday started like any other Friday, with everyone getting up and waiting on chow. The only thing different about today was that the Legends of the Fall ’17 actually had the day off. If you didn’t know, we are pretty much done with everything, and boy are we living it up. So much of the stress we had, as far as studying for tests, preparing for the BPC and getting ready for assignments is gone. It sure is nice to not have to stress for a change. All that’s left is BPC and graduation, so maybe next Friday will be some of the old routine, like preparing and memorizing our pitches. Although it’s refreshing to not be juggling assignments, our days feel empty without the usual workload. One thing is for sure though; the Legends of the Fall ’17 will be ready for whatever comes our way. Alexander Z. (a.k.a. “Sweet Little Chicken”)  


 “You can’t have courage without being scared, because courage is having the strength to face what you’re scared of.” ~Unknown In general, what people are usually afraid of is the unknown. No one is comfortable with doing something that they don’t understand. Think about it: when you were a kid and afraid of the dark, was it the darkness that you were afraid of, or was it not being able to see or know what was lurking in the darkness? Or better yet, for those of us who are afraid of heights, are you truly afraid of the heights? Probably not, because you can look up at the top of a skyscraper from the ground and not be unsettled. However, it’s a different story when you’re on the roof looking down. So let’s put it in proper perspective. You’re not afraid of heights; you’re afraid of falling. It’s a lot easier to have the ability to overcome your fears if you actually know what you’re afraid of, and then you can face it head on. How can you have the courage to face your fear, if you’re not exactly sure what you’re afraid of? Identify your fears, call each one by name, understand why you’re afraid of it, and then come up with a plan of action to defeat it. Michael G. (a.k.a. “Rice Crispy Treat”)