Week 18


Week in Review


Monday May 8, 2017

Today, we Kings of Spring ’17 are still digesting our Pitch Day event from Friday. To say that it was a fantastic day would definitely be an understatement! We got so much positive feedback, and it allowed us to see how far along we have come. Just a few short months ago, we were just starting Phase One, and now we are less than a month from graduation. The transformation that has taken place within all of us is absolutely mind blowing.

We had today “off,” which means that we worked on our pitches for the Business Plan Competition and helped the next class better prepare for Phase Two. To be able to pour into this next class has been the most fulfilling part of our PEP journey. We have seen the classes before us give back, but to be able to share our knowledge and experience with the new class is amazing. They are the future of PEP, and to get them started in their journey is absolutely awesome.

As we get closer to graduation I’m constantly amazed at the amount of love that is shown to us by all who are involved in PEP. Our families have already registered for graduation, and the excitement in the air is electrifying. We are ready to graduate and share this experience with our families, along with our PEP family as well. There is not enough admiration and love that we can share and express to all of our loved ones.

Xavier A. (a.k.a. Chocolate Drizzle)


Tuesday May 9, 2017

Tuesdays are one of my favorite days of the week, because for starters, I can either go to recreation or sleep in. Lately, the Kings of Spring ’17 have done the latter. The “Legends of Fall ‘17” are on deck and learning at a rapid rate. They have a great set of guys both in the a.m. and the p.m. class. I’m not sure which class is more excited yet, but we can say they are more enthusiastic than we were at this point.

Both Men’s Life and Leadership Academy are vitally important because they build character and leadership skills. This is another highlight of the day, because we have been spending our afternoons with the Fall class and learn so much by spending time with these men, but most of all, we have fun. We love it when we break into small groups, because the topics and questions are real and heartfelt. We share things with each other and encourage one another.

We see so much potential in both classes, though we have not spent as much time with the a.m. class. We have had conversations with a lot of the new guys and received plenty of feedback from them. This moment is real, and right now it’s on all of us, the Kings of Spring ‘17, to make sure we keep it alive. Let’s pour more life into this new class, like the class before us did.

Donald M. (a.k.a. Jerome)


Wednesday May 10, 2017

It never fails to amaze us how engulfed we get throughout the day while living a PEP life. Today at the Cleveland Unit, we had our typical servant leader meeting. Surprisingly we were followed by four pray outs of PEP brothers getting ready to leave us: Phillip L., Jhakeem C., Tuwi S. and William H. Although we’re so happy to see them go, they will all be dearly missed. But without a doubt, we will see each other again. Farewell, brothers!

This was all done by 10 a.m.; way to execute, guys! After enjoying the unit’s favorite meal of the week at lunch, which is chicken, we all came back to the PEP room for a day of making new coats of arms for our families coming to the graduation of the Kings of Spring ‘17. These coats of arms are pictures of ourselves with little descriptions of the new person that we have become. On the back it has a Change Poem that describes the changes that we’ve undergone throughout our entire incarceration. This will be a present that we will be able to give to our families when they come to graduation.

Besides all the seriousness, it was a fun day to see my fellow brothers bring their creative side out with arts and crafts projects all afternoon. We have to give some praise for the creativity Valentin T. and William E. used on their pretty coats of arms. That’s the talent of our current accountability leaders and future pod coaches of PEP. Kudos brothers!

Christopher V. (a.k.a. Ernest)


Thursday May 11, 2017

Things are winding down for the Kings of Spring ’17. Pitch Day has come and gone; Bert’s class has been complete for a couple of weeks now; and Toastmasters is in the bag. We are almost at the end!

Graduation is just a few weeks away. My brothers and I can’t wait to be joined by our families to celebrate the results of our hard work over the past nine months. The Kings are also working feverishly to make final adjustments to their pitches for the competition. It’s going to be an awesome event!

In addition, Leadership Academy is in full swing, and our class is starting to fill in the positions of servant leaders. We enjoy giving back, especially since we have extra time to spare now. Through our journey we saw where the class could have been improved, and in response we have executed to make it better.

Michael M. (a.k.a. M & M)


Friday May 12, 2017

Time tested truths from our very own Mr. John Y. In his class, the men of Fall ‘17 were encouraged to write personal purpose statements. We accept that we can’t function on the next level if we still have our old style of leadership, and we were challenged to lead from this day forward by a new set of core values that begins with the end in mind. Fall ‘17, congratulations! We are a community of men who are living for a purpose, so let’s continue to challenge each other and accomplish what’s in front of us with faith and confidence. In the end we will overcome the odds.

Now to the Kings of Spring ’17, graduation is in sight – it’s only two weeks away to be exact! Congratulations to the men who have persevered through all the hardships. It is true: hard work does pay off. We are excited. The good news is, graduation is not the end but just the beginning as we lead those who come after us.

Jason C. (a.k.a. Strawberry Preserves)



“Sometimes you need a second chance, because you weren’t quite ready for the first.”


Sometimes in life our transformation happens when we least expect it. There were times when we tried to change our ways and it did not happen. Maybe we wanted to change in our minds, but our hearts were not ready for the change. The second chance we have been given is one of the most important things in life, and we should not pass it up. Take advantage of the opportunity that we have been given and make the best of it. Transform those ways that we need to change, and don’t look back at the past.

Joe A. (a.k.a. Tabasco)