Week 15


Week in Review


Monday April 9, 2018

Today as we went into the PEP room, we were ready and primed to take our Living in the Village test. Some of us had studied all week. The test instructions stated, “Be sure and read every item carefully before beginning this test.” Some of us followed those instructions. However, some of us just tore into our tests. What is one of the prime rules of life? Follow directions! We were able to tell who didn’t follow directions when they came to question #11. Groans could be heard throughout the PEP room. Next time guys, follow directions.

The Soldiers of Spring ’18 came together a little closer; we listened and responded to our brothers’ requests for scholarships for their loved ones to attend the June 8th graduation. In those moments of vulnerability, we circled the wagons and came together as a unit like soldiers should. What a proud moment for all of us.

Also, we were able to find out if our loved ones have signed up on PEP’s family site to attend our graduation. We were all excited to know that our loved ones were going to be there in our moment of glory. Let’s keep moving forward, soldiers!

Daniel S. (a.k.a. “Ben Stein”)


Tuesday April 10, 2018

Today is our day off from class, but tomorrow we have Bert S.’s class. There are three more tests left. Yippee! So we’re off to study. Spring ‘18’s graduation is right around the corner. Our numbers are dropping; not because we’re quitting, but because some of us are going home.

The really awesome part about this is that we are going home as changed men. We are all thankful for everything that the Prison Entrepreneurship Program has done for us. We will continue to push forward in the many days to come. Good job, Spring ’18, keep up the good work.

Jim S. (a.k.a. “Life Alert”)


Wednesday April 11, 2018

No alarm clock needed – our passion wakes us up. Today we started off with a trip to the computer lab. We are currently working Microsoft Office lessons, and many of us are learning how to successfully put together a PowerPoint presentation. When we finished our lessons, we were able to log onto our local intranet database and access programs such as WikiTaxi to do some market research.

After lunch, we were busy until Bert S.’s class. Starting off, we were tested on Chapter 12, which is establishing operations. Once we finished testing, we reviewed Chapter 13. We have fought many battles to win this war. We will not go down without a fight.

Mitchell P. (a.k.a. “Achman”)


Thursday April 12, 2018

Today all of us in the Prison Entrepreneurship Program were blessed because God let us wake up to another beautiful morning. Many of us woke up early to get some studying done. When the afternoon came around, a few of us were fortunate to have computer classes. When we first started computer class, some of us were more computer literate than others, but now all of us have the basics down. We have been working on programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. We have also been perfecting our business plans as well.

When our time is up in class, a couple of us had to do our Toastmasters speeches back in our dorm. Everyone has progressed on their speaking skills – we no longer use terms such as “you know” and “what I’m saying” anymore. PEP has helped us all tremendously, and we thank all of the volunteers from the bottom of our hearts.

James S. (a.k.a. “Hank Hill”)


Friday April 13, 2018

Today was our first day to study the book Crime and Punishment. This is a classic tale of right and wrong decision making. Authored by Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky and first published in 1866, this book exposed us to situations not unlike ones we have been knee-deep in just before our incarceration, 152 years removed from this 19th century setting. The actions and thought process of the main character, Raskolnikov, mirrors a modern day mind set. This book encourages us all to look before we leap.

We also had the pleasure of praying out a few more brothers. A “pray out” is a video of well wishes, memories and goal reminders made for brothers on their way out of prison. We love to hear the call out for “pray outs” because it tells us all the good news of someone’s departure. Among the lucky few, we were able to bid farewell to Peer Educator Brandon G. (a.k.a. “Swagger Wagon”). His wisdom, guidance and creativity will be missed.

Cornell L. (a.k.a. “Licorice”)



“Someone is enjoying shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

~ Warren Buffet

Many of the choices that we make as men have the ability to affect our future. One single decision is capable of making a major impact, whether negative or positive. At times, we never fully understand how our choices could have that much power. We have to learn how to think about our choices having long-term effects. Sometimes we just go through our lives making day-to-day choices without ever taking into consideration the outcome that affects people in the future. We simply live in the moment. If we could try and make better decisions today, maybe someone we love will reap the benefits tomorrow.

Alex P. (a.k.a. Tinky Winky)