Week 14


Week in Review


Monday October 1, 2018

We all had the day off from our Monday Toastmasters class, but we still held Toastmasters in our dorms. Everyone is preparing for their 7-10 minute Business Plan Competition (BPC) pitch and working hard on putting the numbers together for both the plan and presentation. The atmosphere within this Fearless Fall ’18 class has changed dramatically, and you can really feel the determination among these men to finish strong and succeed. We have a new saying that’s ringing bells in the hallways – “Get with the program!” Or, even as our brother Brian T. (a.k.a. “Cruella de Vil”) always says, “Be all in!” – as in, make sure that you take a stand for this revolution that is PEP and “be all in!”

We are all experiencing a great amount of growth while enduring the curriculum in this program. A force for success continues to kindle in our hearts as we overcome obstacle after obstacle. We are ready to spread our wings and fly as we envision great success on the horizon of this program.

Nikolas N. (a.k.a. “Sweet Joy 2”)


Tuesday October 2, 2018

Today was a very exciting day for the new Spring ’19 class. The day started off with all of the students taking pictures for their business cards and flyers. Sadly, many of them lacked haircuts and trimmed beards. We all laughed our heads off as they read many “Things you need to know about me.” Some shocking and funny facts came out about many of our new Spring ’19 bothers.

By far the best part of the day was when they handed out fun “sweet names,” which included names such as “Pops from Friday,” “Teacup” and “Mr. Ed”; the guy they gave Mr. Ed to was so young that he did not even know who Mr. Ed was. He was completely surprised to find out Mr. Ed was a horse. We laughed our heads off!

It was great to see the Spring ’19 class actually putting forth an effort to participate in Men’s Fraternity. The whole class is starting to see that the most important part of PEP is character building. We have to rid our minds of the criminal thoughts and intentions. Once we all evolve our minds, then we will truly grasp the message PEP is trying to teach us. There are a few people who will invest in a million dollar idea, but many people will invest in a billion dollar person. Peace.

Freddie H. (a.k.a. “Kung Fu Panda”)


Wednesday October 3, 2018

The day started with a very informative twist. We started the day learning the objectives of Chapter 12 from our Entrepreneurship text book. The class was instructed by Brian T. (a.k.a. “Cruella de Vil,” a.k.a. “Super Side Track”). We learned the efficient use of time is an absolute imperative for any organization. We learned the acronym “WIN”–What’s Important Now, which will be a very important tool to use when deciding our path of success.

This evening allowed us to display our attitude of gratitude. Several brothers received parole and were honored with a pray-out. They were thanked for their positive impact on the lives of their fellow brothers and were blessed with well wishes. We reassured them that no matter how old you are, you can rebound from any mistake, challenge or obstacle. Lastly, they were encouraged to remain true to God and to empower themselves to step out on faith toward the life they desire. We, the class of Fearless Fall ’18, look forward to the success of these men of change.

Ronald W. (a.k.a. “Sweet Chocolate Wave Pool”)


Thursday October 4, 2018

Today is Thursday, which means that for Fearless Fall ’18, it’s a day off. Spring ’19 has officially started so their Men’s Fraternity and Leadership Academy are taking place. Here in PEP, Love and Servant-Leader Mentality are two important parts of the PEP’s 10 Driving Values, and you can clearly see why. It’s great to see that even when Fearless Fall ’18 has a day off, we show our Love and Servant-Leadership by showing up to class and guiding our new brothers.

Today’s Men’s Fraternity session was all about the “father wound,” which is an excellent topic. After listening to what Robert Lewis had to say about the father wound, we broke up into our smaller groups to give our take on the subject. Having our brothers open up to each other is very therapeutic. Other than Toastmasters, Men’s Fraternity is one of the most useful tools for our success that PEP provides. Keep striving to become authentic men, Spring ’19.

Another one of the Driving Values that PEP places emphasis on, and is one of our favorites, is Fun. Even though all of us are away from our families and loved ones, PEP still finds a way to lift our spirits with this important Driving Value. Life is too short, so we must enjoy life and have fun. Following Men’s Fraternity, we played a simple game of charades. It’s always great to see our fellow brothers having fun. Keep it up Spring ’19, and to my fellow Fearless Fall ’18 brothers, great job stepping up to show Servant-Leadership by guiding the new class. Keep up the good work!

Gilbert F. (a.k.a. “Hydraulic Pump”)


Friday October 5, 2018

Today we had the day off from class. This was a good thing considering how much homework and studying we have to do for next week. We have to turn in our 8 to 10 minute business pitch on Monday. The day before graduation, we will have a group of executives come in to hear us give our business pitches on the businesses we plan to start upon release. There are a lot of good ideas in our class, so the competition level is very high.

We also have to study for our Chapter 12 test in Bert S.’s (a.k.a. “Chocolate Truffles”) class. This is a class where we learn from a college level textbook: Entrepreneurship – The Art, Science, and Process for Success. This is a very good book and a very good class. This is usually the highlight of our week, because most Wednesdays we have a test, and everyone is always anxious to see their score. So many of my classmates are trying their hardest to achieve Valedictorian. To all those striving for Excellence, keep up the hard work!

Last but not least, we also have to read the novel Crime and Punishment by author Fyodor Dostoevsky and study for a vocabulary test on the book as well. Needless to say, PEP keeps us busy throughout the entire week. This is a good thing though, because when we are bored, most of us make bad choices. Not only that, but as the saying goes, “The more you sweat during practice, the less you bleed on the field,” meaning that all this we are learning in PEP can be directly applied when we get out.

To all Fearless Fall ’18, keep on doing what you’re doing! The end is in sight! Aristotle once said, “We are what we continuously do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit.” Make it a habit of striving for Excellence, and it will surely benefit you both in here and out there.

Justin V. (a.k.a. “Mr. Pringles”)





Discipline is doing things you hate as if you love them.”



For the most part, self-discipline comes in the form of frustration because it often involves abstaining from what one desires. This isn’t natural for us, because it requires effort. The price paid for fighting temptations is the displeasure at not having what we want. And while this may seem a disappointment, it is actually very good for us and helps us gain control of ourselves.

Gaining control of ourselves is an essential part of becoming autonomous men. Those who find the power to overcome their desires and are able to discipline themselves are rewarded in life with fortitude, patience and composure, which are three powerful tools to have in our arsenals. Eventually, this self-discipline will lead to mastery!

In life, especially in the world, we are going to be asked to do something we hate. Not having our way is a lesson that we should have learned as a child. So next time you’re required to do something you loathe, remember that it’s just part of life. So put on your big boy pants and do it like you love it, because in the end it’s making you a stronger person.

Timothy D. (a.k.a. “Ren”)