Week 14


Week in Review


Monday October 9, 2017

Good morning PEP, it’s Monday and we thank God He let us wake up to another day. There is no class today, but some of us have homework, while others have studying to do. This class has been a struggle for some – but not all – of us.

We are getting ready for the Pitch Day event this weekend, so getting ready and trying to get as much info for our business plans as possible will be very helpful for us. The prior class did not get this experience of talking to the students from the University of Houston’s Wolf School of Entrepreneurship. Talking to someone who is going through what we are going through will be helpful.

All that we are doing will be worth it come December. Becoming better men is what we all signed up for. So let’s take advantage of this opportunity that has been put in front of us and follow through with our goals and dreams. In the end we will benefit from this and make our families proud of us.

Daniel G. (a.k.a. “Slow Poke Rodriguez”)


Tuesday October 10, 2017

When we woke up this morning we realized how quiet it was. Then we remembered that it was Tuesday, so Leadership Academy and Men’s Life classes were both in session. It almost feels like it was yesterday when we were getting ready to attend these classes.

Our pod has noticed that the new guys have been getting comfortable with being in PEP and their surroundings. Learning about our past and facing those wounds we did not know we had really helps us with our recovery as we become better men. We see our brothers in the new class growing from week to week, and that brings joy to our lives.

It gives us a good feeling knowing that we can be of service to our brothers. It is a blessing when we can help those who seek advice, or just want to vent with someone they can trust. The cool thing about PEP is that we can all relive the experience that we once went through, and I think that helps us with our growth.

Edward G. (a.k.a. “Frappuccino”)


Wednesday October 11, 2017

Hooray! Finally, we finished the last entrepreneurship test of Bert S.’s class. The Legends of the Fall ‘17 are absolutely relieved to reach another benchmark. And like a band of brothers, we are here for one another more than ever before. We thank God for the strength to follow through with our goals.

In addition, we are now getting ready to dive into our next assignment: Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky. Most of us have no idea about this book, nor have we heard of it, but it’s always refreshing to learn something new, especially since our assignment comes with new vocabulary words.

In conclusion, the Legends would like to give special thanks to Rodney B., Joe A., Marcos A. and all the other Servant Leaders that helped facilitate our class. Thank you for helping us along the way! Hang in there, Legends, we’ve only got a few more obstacles, so let’s stick together and carry on! Woot! Woot!

Tolbert G. (a.k.a. “Leprechaun”)


Thursday October 12, 2017

It has been another successful day for the Legends and Leadership Academy. Today those in Leadership Academy learned about the PEP definition of innovation, which is one of our 10 Driving Values. Servant Leaders created a memorable activity for the new class, by allowing Leadership Academy to break off into groups and create their very own “kids island resort.”

There was a great amount of camaraderie in the room, and let’s not forget to mention the creativity that everyone showed. During the presentations there were many laughs, but what made the day amazing was that this new Spring ’18 class grew closer as a brotherhood.

As for the Legends of the Fall, we’re getting to experience what it is to be a Servant Leader. The graduates are definitely proud of the Legends for stepping up to the plate. We keep what we have by giving it away. Continue to pay it forward. Let’s be the Legends that we know we can be.

Michael G. (a.k.a. “Rice Crispy Treat”)


Friday October 13, 2017

This Friday was a great day, just like any other day that we spend above ground and with our brothers. Most of us were up at six this morning studying, and some were up since breakfast. Love and care is evident, and you can validate it when you see how we help each other study.

As we entered the PEP room, we clipped our name badges on and made our way to our designated seats. The last few minutes before the test were spent studying and exchanging theories of what may, or may not, be on the test for Living in the Village.

When all the tests were turned in, it was revealed to us that it was a “trick test.” The motive for this was to teach us a life lesson to never sign any type of paperwork until you have read it completely. Even though we are trained to write our name first to avoid writing our names a thousand times for homework, it does make sense to read the document before anything. Thank you PEP brothers; we’d be lost without you!

Reynaldo H. (a.k.a. “Brown Sugar”)



 “It is better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.”


A lot of the times we do not see that our past holds us back from trying to do right. People don’t even realize that they live in bondage, and that it comes from an unforgiving heart. We need to examine ourselves and see what it is that we want from this life. Do you want to be a forgiving person? Or do you still want to live your life according to your style? Forgiveness plays a big role in our lives. It is better to forgive than to hold onto unforgiveness and find yourself living your life in limbo. Take it from me, your boy Clyde the Bee: forgive and your life will be much smoother.

Joe A. (a.k.a. “Clyde the Bee”)