Monday, January 9, 2017

Whew! Today was the first official day of class. We felt a slight sense of accomplishment just getting to the starting line. Studying for the six test was tough. For many of us our focus and brain power have been used for all the wrong things for many years now. It is difficult, yet absolutely necessary, to form new habits and by doing so abolishing old habits and routines.

We are quickly realizing that PEP is a never-ending cycle of growth, maturation, learning and wisdom. It is going to be a hard road, but as we know one can become content and comfortable in the most destitute places – after all, it takes a bit of discomfort to rise above the status quo.

Legacy, journey, mission, values, principles, vision, goals. If we could come up with a sound cloud for our cumulative thoughts this is what the cloud would entail. All of these words carry heavy connotations, and a person without a moral framework will not be able to bear the burden of such a weight. We are now authentic men building our legacy. Let’s go to work, brothers.

Jeremi R.
a.k.a. Left Eye

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Today has been a really great day. We had homework to turn in, and from the looks of things the majority of our class got the job done. There were plenty of smiles spread across the PEP room, and that was a good sign in itself because the homework was exhausting. We have a test tomorrow on Chapter 1 of our Entrepreneurship book. For many of us, we haven’t had to study for a test in ages, but it’s exciting and we are up for the challenge.

Some people are really struggling to retain all of the information, so we are putting together study groups to help one another along. We all want to continue to grow as men so it’s important that we help one another along this difficult terrain. As each day passes we grow closer to one another; the same groups that not too long ago used to fight against one another over trivial matters are now bonding over what really matters. We are brothers in our struggle, with no brother being greater, bigger, smaller, or less than the next. Everyone is equal to the man beside him, even our big brothers who have already graduated.

I commend my class for the dedication and hard work that we have put forth thus far, and I commend the graduates for their hard work, leadership and love that they have shown to us. For some of us this is the only family that we have left, and we are learning that the love is sincere, genuine, and in great abundance.

Donald M.
a.k.a. Jerome in the House

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

How many times have we declared, “I’m a businessman!” or made the statement, “I’m taking care of business!” with no actual business to speak of. For many of us who made those statements, we never even had a job. Today that changed because we went to work (well, it was class if you want to be technical) and did what businessmen do: we took care of business.

We took our first business test today and did so with pride, poise and confidence. Every pen wrote out answers with a steady, keen, razor-sharp focus. A quiet, Zen-like concentration silenced the screams of self-doubt, giving way to the profound determination of self-redemption. Hands flew up with gusto to participate in the day’s lesson following the test. Today showed us something that’s been missing in our lives: when we practice and prepare properly, zeroing in becomes the only way we know how to do “business.”

What transpired in class today could only be described as an epiphany. I anxiously await the moment that someone asks my classmates and I what are we up to. We will reply with humble pride, “We are taking care of business.”
Jeremy H.
a.k.a. Bobblehead

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Today in class the Kings of Spring ’17 were given a presentation on the graphic team logo project by Anthony R., Brandon G. and Roger B. We learned a great deal on logo concepts, drafting, choosing appropriate colors, some design do’s and don’ts, as well as the five ways to pick a killer name for your business.
The presenters did an amazing job presenting Spring ’17 with the elements to complement our businesses. With this new information we can now move smoothly through creating a keen eye-catching logo that explains and represents our business.
I want to thank the men who had the courage to stand before our class and read our Spiritual message of the day. I like the concept of group prayer before we begin our activities for the day, as well as ending our activities in a prayer. Regardless of what religion or belief you follow, it is a useful practice that we can all incorporate into our lives. It’s true what they say: I am filling my toolbox up with a myriad of tools that are going to be extremely useful throughout my journey.

William E.
a.k.a. Elmo

Friday, January 13, 2017

Today we kicked off the New Year with our Think Tank event. We split up into groups and fanned out in various rooms to meet with the executives to discuss our business ideas and get their feedback.

The executives poured an incredible amount of energy into us. They encouraged us to pursue our passions and dreams. For many of us we haven’t heard that type of encouragement since we were children. Many of us, if not all of us, were glowing with an indescribable energy.

The executives shared their opinions on our business ideas and concepts and imparted knowledge garnered from a wealth of experience gained in the business world. We listened and learned.

Some of these 10-minute sessions will help mold and direct the route we choose to pursue and will be vital to our success. Every PEP brother felt closer to each other today. We all grew and are anxiously looking forward to future events and the transformation it will bring.

Christopher V.
a.k.a. Ernest Goes to PEP


“We never become truly spiritual by sitting down and wishing to become so. You must undertake something so great that you cannot accomplish it unaided.”
Philip Brooks

By nature man is a guardian, provider, and dreamer. Every man says that he wants to be successful, and every man should want to provide for himself and his family. Throughout our journeys in life we sometimes sacrifice these naturally endowed traits for little or no gain, and as a consequence we lose the ability to provide, and more importantly to dream and to actualize our potential. Let’s take this opportunity to dream again, and to plan. Don’t allow any circumstances to tame and subdue your vision. But understand that the burden of a dream is heavy enough to crush us, so we must have the proper foundation and help.
Jaa’far A.
a.k.a. Jolly Rancher