Dear PEP Families,

I have fielded a few questions recently about how to write parole support letters. Download here. While PEP does not write letters of support for PEP participants, I wanted to give some ideas on how you can write such a letter.  PLEASE NOTE: if your loved one has already received a release date, please disregard these instructions.

**THIS FORMAT DOES NOT GUARANTEE AN EARLY RELEASE FOR YOUR LOVED ONE.  PEP does not have the “magic bullet” letter that will automatically get someone out on parole.  We can answer questions and concerns about the parole process, but the Prison Entrepreneurship Program is completely separate from the parole board and its decisions.**

I hope the attached information will give you a better idea of what to include (and what not to include) in a letter of support.  A good timeframe for sending a support letter is 3 months before your loved one is voted on, so please plan accordingly.

If you have any questions, please let me know!  You can call, text or email me, or fill out an online form here:

Have a great rest of your week!