Dear PEP Families,

If you’d like to read about class from the guys’ perspective, please read the latest Weekly Journal here: (Click week # to read a particular post.)

Updated Grades are available here: (Click the title “GPAs as of March 12, 2020” to read the GPAs and Test Score Averages)


  • With some additional screening questions, visitation is still open – but please use caution and avoid visitation if you have ANY symptoms, as the incarcerated are particularly vulnerable … after all, it only takes one person to be infected for several hundred men to become ill
  • People are being encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer: must be in a clear plastic bottle, no sprays, no pumps, 1 fl. oz. or less
  • According to the Warden’s Assistant, they will also have several “sanitizer stations,” so if you cannot bring your own sanitizer, you must use theirs – this is for your safety and the safety of your loved ones
  • We have posted the most current information here:
  • Graduation is still on at this point – we will provide any & all updates on this as they become available from TDCJ and MTC

Thanks so much for your support & have a great weekend!