Dear PEP Families,

To read the latest class journal, please read Weekly Journal #20 here: (Click week # to read a particular post.)

We are pleased to bring you PEP’s 10 Driving Values! We asked the men to write about which Driving Value is their favorite and why – you can read what your loved one wrote here: (Click each Driving Value and scroll down.)  Enjoy!

Also, here’s some exciting news: you can read your loved one’s original business plan – the one he has been working on for months – right here:


Guest names have been approved by the Cleveland Unit and can be found here: – if your name is in green, you are “good to go” to graduation!

I have also received a number of questions re: dress code and time to arrive at the Cleveland Unit on December 8th – these answers and more can be found on our family site here:, but here is a sample of what you will find:

When is Graduation?

Friday, December 8, 2017
Family check-ins starts at 12:00p; all cars need to be in the lot by 1:30p.
With so many family members to check-in, please arrive on the early side!

The ceremony itself should start at 2:00p and last approximately 90 minutes.
Afterwards you may enjoy a simple meal together and visit until around 5:00p. This does not count against regular visitation.

What is the dress code?

The dress code for the event is business professional. Men can wear either a full suit or a sports coat and slacks (tie is optional), and women should dress conservatively in nice pants, a blouse that covers what it needs to, and a blazer/jacket. Long skirts or dresses that are at least mid-calf are permitted. No sleeveless tops or anything sheer is allowed.

*One thing that is not mentioned here, ladies, is that you CAN wear open-toed shoes to graduation … but if anyone has additional questions about their outfit, please call either me or the Cleveland Unit to ask your questions before you pack/leave for graduation.

Hotel room information: we are working on finding additional hotel accommodations and will send an update for you tomorrow.

If you need more answers – for example: directions from major Texas cities, or a list of what you can/cannot bring – please visit our family site’s Graduation Details page.

Thank you so much, and have a great rest of your week!